Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Weight Loss Thoughts 1

So many times I tried to lose weight and it wasn't successful ! 
For once I'm losing weight for myself 
In past I would do it for my mom or if someone made a negative comment about my weight 
But this time its different . 

I've officially have lost a total of 23 pounds
On February 21 ,2013 i weighed in at 345 and today I weigh 322

23 is such a VICTORY . 
I feel so happy
I know I have long journey ahead but I'm excited to see the end results
I'm already seeing a big difference . For example , I can do an extra miles on the bike , I don't get as tired as I use to . 
I have changed my eat habits dramatically .
And honestly I feel more refreshed 

I will be writing my weekly thoughts but if i feel the need to write one in the middle of the week I will write one
This is just some random thoughts I have about my journey and I will keep you all updated

Til Next Time 


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