Monday, May 25, 2015

Weight Loss Plan : Week One

Its time for me to get my body in order. 
I need to get healthy.
There are so many things I want to do and most of them can't  do without being out of breath or feeling like I'm going to pass out ( 5k Color Run next summer I can't wait ) 
I know this is going to be a long and hard journey but its so worth it . 

Here's what I'm doing to lost weight:

1. Track everything I eat
Im using the app Lose it to track all my meals and snacks 
2. Reduce my caloric intake 
Lose it has put me on a 2000 calorie intake daily And it also allows me to track my workout daily using the app also . 
3. Increase my water intake 

 I'm officially  joined the jug life  ( a gallon of
water per day ) .
A bonus I will be doing 100 squats as I drink the water

4.  No sugary drinks or soda 
 I will only be drinking water or tea. I know its hard to  cut pop out of my life . And I may have can here or there but no where near as much as I use to . I know I might slip up I'm only human . 
5. Barely any pasta or cheese 
I want to lower my intake of bread , pasta , dairy intake 
I know this going to be hard because I love pasta with load of cheese on top . 
6. Cutting back on alcohol 
I don't want to drink all my calories away. I will be cutting back on my wine  
No more drinking  a whole bottle of wine in one night ( don't judge me ) 
7. Workout Duh ! 
I'm starting a new gym next week but I also have  a lot  of at home workouts I will be doing 
8. Meal Plan 
I will be planning out all meals and snacks 
9. Get More Sleep
A great night of sleep does the body good 
10. Taking Pictures 
I will be documenting my journey weekly and how I feel . But if you want something sooner 
 I will be posting on my weight loss instagram page .
Weight Loss Instagram

Start weight 320

First goal : 300

Join Me On My Journey 

Brittany Morgan 
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