Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Birthday Weight-Loss Challenge

I want to challenge myself and workout everyday until my birthday 
Thats 191 days none stop working out  
In 191 day I will be 28 years old
Its time for a major change
In a perfect world I would love to lose a pound per day but I know it's not realistic .

I loved this dress I bought it in hopes to fit into it soon hopefully I will
Weighing in today at 355 lbs

Im excited for a new journey in my life
I want to be healthy and more active
Im doing this myself and my happiness
In the past I was losing weight for all the wrong reasons.
Losing weight has always been a struggle for me .
 For years I've started and stopped diets .
 Signed up for gyms and would go and waste my money month after month .
 Growing up I attempted to lose weight to get guys or to finally stop being bullied but with all that stress all I did was stress eat .
 I would try to lose weight  because everyone told me I need to .
I finally reached a place in my life that I'm ready for a healthier lifestyle .
 I can't remember what it feel like to simple walk around the block without feeling winded . 
I want a whole new life .
 I've been making some major changes in my life to reach my goals .
 Changing the food I eat the vitamins I take and how I move ( exercising)
I can't wait to see where the new life takes . 

Brittany Morgan
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