Sunday, September 15, 2013

Monday Music

                                               Happy Monday ladies and gents ! 
               There will no longer be Friday Hit List . I'm changing up the schedule . 
                Music is my life ! There is a song  for every emotion , every moment in life . 

                       There are 5 songs that have been stuck in my head nonstop 

                                                 1. Wake Me Up - Avicii 
                                                 2. Roar - Katy Perry 
                                                 3. Royals - Lorde 
                                                 4. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons 
                                                 5. Safe and Sound - Capital Cities 

                                             What are some of your favorite songs ? 
                                                     I would love to know !! 
                                                Leave it in the comments below !! 

                                                              Til  Next Time 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update !! I'm Back !! 👍💋

I know ! I know ! I've been gone for a while ! I needed some time to rethink my vision for my blog . I felt like I lost my mojo , and was just doing the bare minimal . I felt like I was just doing what everyone else was doing instead of being me !  
There will be a lot more personal post because I do want to keep you all updated on what's going on with me . 
So let me catch   you up . I am in school . I love my school . I'm learning so much . Hey if you need a relaxer , highlights or whatever hit me up . Lol . 
I'm still jobless ! It's so hard to find a job going to school 830 - 5 everyday . But hopefully I will be going back to sephora in a couple weeks 
My love life ........ Well  I met someone . We will  see how this goes :) Hmmm 
That's basically it ! 
Of course I will be doing some fall posts because duh that's my favorite season !!! 
Til Next Time !