Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Own Your Body !

I was on the phone with a friend of mine a couple of months ago when she randomly said " Omg this girl is out here with barely any clothes on she better go put on some clothes she's just asking to get raped "
Hearing her say that set me off .
Why should a women be required to cover he body " in shame " so a man want touch he inappropriately? Why should a women be reprehend for wearing what she wants and be called a slut , a whore or people saying " she's asking for it. And it hurts me the most to hear other women saying these things
I should be able to walk out my house in whatever I please and not have to deal with the extra comments from the " peanut gallery " .
One day I was wearing a top that showed a little more cleavage than I usually show and a woman made a comment to me that I'm asking for guys to look down my shirt and that I was being " fast " 

School dress code :
School dress codes have always bothered me .
It's not that there are guidelines its the fact that girl are mostly targeted
Girls aren't allowed to show their shoulder because of " the way boys would react to them "
They start us at a young age. 
Telling a child that their bodies is this sexual thing so we have to cover it all up so it wont tempt the boys . 

Amber Rose Slut Walk :

 So many people are so offended by the name of her walk but I love it . 
She named it that to take back the name/label "SLUT "
As women we have to take back the ownership of our bodies . We allow people to label us and that isn't . A man can go out and sleep around and he is praised but if a woman does it  she is SLUT , WHORE , THOT and etc . Which makes no sense to me . There is this huge double standard when it comes to sex . 

Own your body !

Brittany Morgan 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SlimQuick Pure Review

What is SlimQuick ?
SlimQuick is a supplement for weight loss geared towards women. It has many great natural ingredients , Bio-Pure Tea ( fat burning component of green tea to speed up metabolism ), Vitamin D , Calcium , and antioxidants.

SlimQuick is marketed to boost energy , reduce excess water , reduce appetite , increase metabolism and reduce stress.

"SlimQuick Pure offers a variety of products such as protein powders, drink mix, capsules and gummies. SlimQuick does not only create weight loss products but it also supports the weight loss community. The company has a SlimQuick community where one can have access to a variety of meal plans, support from the SlimQuick coach and learn helpful tips for weight loss. Users can also ask questions about the products in the community. In addition, SlimQuick offers it’s customers a chance to sign up for the 25 pound challenge! The 25 pound challenge allows customers a chance to receive full emotional support throughout their weight loss journey. It provides users with weekly motivation tips, healthy recipes and exercise advice!"

My Thought
Just a disclaimer I was sent this product for free for my opinion through
I really enjoyed it . Its great for an on the go like myself . I pleasantly surprised there was no chalky last. I used my blender bottle and 180z of water . Another yummy tip was using coconut water .
Just a FYI you won't see result unless you are eating right and working out along with it .
If you think this would be a magic powder to help you lose weight you are sadly mistaken .

I recommend  this product whole-heartily . Check out SlimQuick is an amazing brand and I will be buying more products from them.

If you get anything from SlimQuick  let me know how you liked it

Brittany Morgan 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Music For The Soul : Titanium

There is a song for almost every emotion we feel . 
I personally have my set playlist for depending on how I'm feeling . 
There some songs that really hit the core for me and helps me when sad .
 and songs that help me when I'm happy. 
And songs I truly need when my depression kicks in and I need to closer to the lord . 
Each week I will spotlight a song and tell its importance in my life. 

This song has come one in the most random moments before but it has helped me feel empowered . 
I remember shopping at JC Penneys three years ago , I was so excited  because my mother had have my brother and I money to buy new clothes . 
As I started  shopping and looking through the clothes I couldn't find anything . All the clothes in my size looked like drapes with crazy patterns . 
I was feeling so defeated . 
Rack after rack I kept getting discouraged .Everything I came across was not fashionable or not in my size.  I was so frustrated I started to cry . As plus size woman it's really hard to find really nice clothing when you're on a budget . 
Mid-cry "Titanium " came on . Listening to words I started feeling better .
"You shout it out,
But I can't hear a word you say
I'm talking loud, not saying much
I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
You shoot me down, but I get up"
Just the beginning of the song got to me.
It reminded me to block out the neigh sayers .
 For years I've been so hard on myself about my weight and also getting horrible comments from family members about it too . I was told if I don"t lose the weight I wasn't pretty enough and will never find some in my life (romantically ). I let other harsh world hinder me for so long . Those words was like bullets in my heart every time I heard them .

Titanium has been my motivation song since that moment .
It hits home for me .
Do you have song that you can relate to or seems to come on at just the right moment .
Brittany Morgan 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Single Woman's Guide To Valentine's Day

It's almost that time of the year that when i see tweets saying " I don't need a valentine "
 " wine is my Valentine " and etc .
Ladies lets put a end to these tweets today .
Valentine's Day is a day of love .
Who says you have to be in a relationship to enjoy the day of love .

I have a guide to get you through Valentine's Day

1. Treat yourself!
Even if I am in a relationship I love to treat myself . It could be that new bag you've be wanted or a mini shopping spree at Sephora ( whatever floats your boat) the idea of it is to buy yourself something nice.
My Valentine's Day wish :

Tory Burch York Buckle Tote 

2. Have A Girls Day 
Round up your single girlfriends and enjoy each other's company. Instead of a Christmas secret Santa , have a Valentine's Day secret Cupid . That way everyone goes home with a gift on the day of love

3. Netflix and Chill
Get comfy on the couch or in bed with yummy snack and a glass of wine ( or what're beverage you prefer ) and binge watch that show you've been wanting to watch . Put on you pjs , fuzzy socks and a facial mask 
Shows on my Netflix list:

4. Get To Cooking
Make yourself a very yummy dinner . Forget about your diet for one day and indulge yourself . Make one of your favorite meals that you don't make often . Personally I'm torn between a big juicy steak or seafood .( heck ! I might do a little of both . )

5.  Spa Day 
Treat yourself to some time at a spa . Around Valentine's Day you can always find a great deal . Lay back  and relax and get a much needed massage  or facial .

6. RELAX !
Remember that February 14 th is another day on the calendar and that you should always be treating yourself and loving yourself.

I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day .
What are your plans for Valentine's Day ?

Brittany Morgan