Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy 25th Birthday To Me

* late post but this was written on my birthday.  

Today is a blessing . I'm 25 ! Wow 25 !!! This is the first birthday without both of my parents . I know they both are looking down on me . I have so much I want to accomplish during year 25 . So many things I need to prove to myself . Year 23 and 24 was an emotional roller coaster. I lost track of my goals and so many other things . I've been disappointed in myself but I know year 25 will be better . I'm keeping my eyes on the prize and staying prayed up . I'm excited to get so much done I pray for peace and love . That's all I want.  Peace and Love ! 
Peace from  heartache and pain . And love for what I do and from whom I am around . I've allowed so much negativity in my life . I got so weak holding onto things and people that I should've let go of forever ago but no more I can't do it . I choose to be happy . I choose to make a difference . I choose to be me . 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

25 In 25

My birthday is quickly approaching and I've made a list of 25 things I want to do while I'm 25 ( just little goals) 

1. Have a stronger relationship with God 
2. Read the whole bible 
3. Read 10 books 
4. Fall in love  
5. Buy a new car 
6. Complete my professional makeup kit
7. Write a blog post 3 days a week ( at least)
8. Post a video on my channel 3 days a week ( at least ) 
9. Get more involved in church 
10. Have at least one memorable bold moment 
11. Stop biting my nails ( horrible habit) 
12. Become a Brand Ambassador ( Benefit Cosmetics ) 
13. Get my savings back to what it was 
14. Do something to change someone life positively 
15. Send care packages to deployed soldiers ( something I did in college ) 
16. Volunteer More 
17. Get over 1000 subscribers on YouTube 
18. Finish writing my book 
19. Be Happy 
20. Build my clientele 
21. Let go and not be so uptight 
22. Visit my grandparents 
23. Finish decorating my house
24. See 3 plays ( musicals and etc.)
25. Confront my fears 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Out Of The Woods

There's nothing like a day with nature . Trees , a lake , birds and etc . The best part is having a great friend along for the journey . My friend Jamie invited me to go on a photo hunt in a local reservoir . I love spending time with Jamie , lots of laughs , photos and great conversations  
It was just what I needed to clear my head . I've been been feeling down since T ( I've mentions him in other post ) has been extremely distant lately . But back to the woods . 
We got some amazing pictures of the trees and the various plants 
It was peaceful out there you couldn't be anything but happy . The cutest thing was seeing the cute elderly men out there together fishing at the lake ( who knew you needed a  license to fish ) 

We walked around the lake to look at all of God's creations . I ignored my fears and even walked through tall grass ( I was scared of field mice and snakes ) 

We found a wood trail , that's when the real adventure started . It was magical until a couple turns and we ended up getting lost . We had to rush to find a exit because the place closed at sunset . And the sun was starting to set . For a moment we both got a little scared . But we made it out and enjoyed more time by the lake by the fishermen . We had so much fun minis getting lost . Can't wait to go back . 
For more pictures check out my facebook page 

* Nothing to do with my blog post but check out Taylor Swift's new song " Out Of The Woods " 
Taylor has done it again with a another great hit