Saturday, October 27, 2012

23 in 23

WOW Im  23 I'm So blessed to see this day . I just want to keep my birthday short and sweet ,  A lot of shopping , dinner and drinks with my friends . I want my 23rd year on earth to be amazing so heres my list of  23 things i want to do before I turn 24. I'll try to keep everyone updated on how things go .
1. {} Go to Vegas
2. {} Go See  A Play Downtown Chicago
3. {} Get a Tattoo
4.{} Try Pinkberry
5.{} Spend a weekend doing nothing but watching lifetime !
6.{} Go Paint-balling
7. {} Make Sushi
8.{} Get my own place
9.{X} Finish a book series
10. {} Visit  5 museums in Chicago  ( I will list the as I go )
11.{} Get 100+ Subscribers on my YouTube (
12.{} Take a boat ride around Chicago
13.{} Go to Bulls game !
14. {X}Dye my hair
15 {} Lose 100 lbs
16. {} Get a puppy
17. {} Finish writing my book
18. {} Buy an Cannon Camera
19. {} Go to Disney
20. {} Have an adventure downtown Chicago . Get lost and have fun !
21. {} Run fundraiser fashion show for my church
22. {} Finally ! TRULY !! SPEAK MY MIND
 23. {} Do something that make me extremely happy no matter what others think !

I will keep you all updated
I'm so excited to see what my 23rd year of life has in store for me . !

Brittany Morgan


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My October 2012 Ipsy Bag ( My Glam Bag )

20% off Sephora ! I want to give you a discount !!!

Winter Wish List ~ Part 1

Winter wish list #1
List going clockwise 
I was sitting in my room  writing a list of things i want and need . I have a lot of  things I want to get this winter season 

Mac Marilyn Monroe Collection -  I would love the get at least one thing from the Marilyn Monroe Collection . I really would love to get " Charmed I'm sure " ( a lipstick in the collection 

Rebecca Minkoff -  I've always had my eye on a Mini Mac . I would love to add a pink bag to my collection . I'm so to get this. THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ME 

Canon Powershot -  I really want to have better quality videos for my youtube channel ( ) . I also  would love to do more vlogs . This is camera is on top of my list . 

Torrid Black Azazel Suede Boots - I really need some more boots for the winter . The boots look very stylish and  will keep me warm. I'm already planning outfits in my head

MacBook Pro -  My dell computer is just falling apart on me . Its really time for me to get a new computer .

 Part 2 Coming Soon !!!!

xoxo , 
Brittany Morgan 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are You An Influenster ?

So you are probably wondering what Influenster is  ?

Website description :  Exclusive Community of Trendsetters using their Influence to Qualify for Complimentary Product Shipments, Rewards and Deals fit for their Lifestyles

The have  recently updated the website .

I love it . 

Going through all the new badges that we can earn .
 There are many badges on many different aspect of your life
If you love gadget theres a badge for you.. 

Getting Married or having a baby there is a badge for you.
You earn a badge by honest answering some simple  questions about the things you love. 

After answering the  questions and earning your badges 
you have a chance to get a VOXBOX

A VOXBOX is a box with many different  products for you try out and review

Aw yea and its FREE .! 

You can't beat that 

So sign up give it a try and enjoy the makeover 

Till next time !

Brittany Morgan 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday Ladies !!  Fall is here and I'm loving every moment of it . 

Today's Sunday Social is all about FALL ! 

There are so many things i like about the fall I have no idea where to begin . 

1. Fall Fashion 

The boots , sweaters , scarves I love them all . 

2. Football
NFL and College Football I watch it all !! . Tailgating and just enjoying the game with my 
friends and family is so much fun. I love the game ! 

3. Starbucks
I love going to Starbucks getting a fall themed lattes .

Caramel Apple Spice

4. Black Friday 

I save up for this every year  !!!  I can't wait for black friday . Its shopping in overdrive !! 

What are some of things you love about the fall.
Let me know in the comments below

Don't for get link up with Ashley and Neely

xoxo ,
 Brittany Morgan 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Mommy , I know you are going through menopause . But I have a cold and you turning the air on isnt helping me. Walking around the house with hoodies  and fluffy socks just to say some what warm . Can I just get you a ice pack ,before i freeze to death.

Dear Sephora , I love you. I love my job there!!! . I cant wait to grow in the company. !!!

Dear Cold , You have been here one day too long. I would really like to feel better and have all the energy I always had . So go away and please dont come back.

Dear Fall , I love you. The leaves are changing color and fall from the trees .  

Dear Shonda Rhimes , I was really mad at you  at the end of last season when lexie was killed off . And then when this season started MARK died . My MCSTEAMY. ugh !!! So heart breaking . But I did read your blog and and I guess I understand . Mark Sloan will be truly missed . No one can take his spot on the show or in me heart .. ( P.s I still will be watching the show , even though I went on my huge rant last week on twitter )

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Mother's Story with Breast Cancer . BREAST CANCER AWARENESS

I Am Not My Hair

In High School I was all about my hair .
I wouldn't leave the house without my begining straighten .
And when it time for a touch up I wasn't going anywhere
without a fresh relaxer . 
I've always had short hair and allowed other people
opinions to get to me so i  started gluing in  my weave .

Over the past 6 years you didn't see me without weave . 
I allowed over people to make me feel bad about myself .
Last October i finally had my epiphany  .
I took out my weaver and embraced my natural hair  

Im so in love with my natural hair . 
In a way I feel really free 
People still have their opinions ( mostly family memebers) 
But I'm  finally at a place where I DONT CARE 
I grew up in family thinking hair was everything 
I get funny looks at when i go to family events 
I feel sorry for them 

I'm not saying everyone should go natural but dont let someone else 
negative comments influence you.
Embrace yourself . Love yourself 

Brittany Morgan