Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Spring has come and I've been all about DIY household products.
 I wanted to try something new and why not save money in the process.
 So I've looking for ways to make alternative products.
Lately I've been trying a DIY detergent for my clothes 

Something that leaves my clothes smelling fresh but not an over powering fragrance . 
All you need to make it is : mason jar ( or any container with a lid )
Zote ( a bar laundry soap that can be found in the laundry detergent aisle for under a $1 )
Baking soda and a  cheese grater

I like to grate the zote 

Mixing zote and baking soda is easy . 

I like to do it in layers then shake it all together ( once the lid is on )

For a full load all your need a 2 tablespoons. 
For work clothes, children play clothes I would add a little more , but a little goes a long way .

I'm so in love with this detergent 

Do you have a DIY household product you love ?

Send me some DIYs you love 

Brittany Morgan 

Monday, May 1, 2017

May Goals

April Review
1. 1200 calories was a fail but I have kept my calories low 
2. I never realized how much I missed dancing until I started again. I will be continuing dancing maybe in the future I'll post a video on my youtube channel
3. Staying organized  has been great I've been great at decluttering my life and staying organized 
4. I failed and bought planner stickers . One of the store I've always had my eyes on ( Willow Fields ) had a 50% off sale and I had to jump on that . 
5. I haven't picked a herb I want to plant yet
6. Spanish has been so fun to learn. 
Ahora tiempo para mis metas de mayo
Now time for my May Goals

May Goals 

1. 50 to 100 squats per day . I need a round booty 
2. Have fun at Anime Central .Last year I got really sick the day before it started and didn't get better until i got back home . I'm praying that doesn't happen again 
3. Start saving for my birthday trip . I still need to pick a location
Nashville / Miami/ Las Vegas 
4. Change my hair color . I need to spice my hair up and try something new 
5. 1 Gallon of water per . I need to flush out my system and stay properly hydrated 

What have do you want to accomplish this month?
Have a great month 

Brittany Morgan