Saturday, August 25, 2012

Are Ready For Some FFOOOTTTBBBAAALLL !!!!!!!!!!

I've been waiting for football season since the Superbowl ended in February . Yes I love football.  I just love fall altogether . I have yet to go to a Chicago Bears game but I'm hoping I can get to one this season . I do have parties with family members ans friend ( Hostess with Mostess ) lol. I've been watching all the pre season games and I really think the bears can take it all the way ( Superbowl ) 

Im not just a fan of the NFL , I'm also in love with College Football. University of Alabama has an amazing team. I fell in love with them my freshman year of college . My school didn't have a football team ( THAT IS A TOTAL CRIME ) 
ROLL TIDE !!!!!!!!!

What are your Favorite Football teams ?? Let me know down below in the comments . 

Brittany Morgan 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashion's Night Out 2012 - Dress You Up by Darren Criss [HQ]

Who's going shopping ? I am ! I'm so excited for fashion's night out !

The Prince Caught With His Pants Down

So Prince Harry was caught with pants down. Who Care?? Well I do lol . But people are making a big deal about it .

TMZ  posted pictures pictures of the Prince yesterday .

0821-prince-harry-nude-naked-article-tmz-bottom-8                      0821-prince-harry-nude-naked-article-tmz-top-4

The Prince was naked playing pool in his hotel room . What’s the big deal? The issue is who was in the room taking pictures of the Prince with out him knowing . He was in the privacy of his room with friends and to violated like that was wrong.

I know he is royal and he is held at higher standard than most people but he human .  He is in Las Vegas enjoying his self . Hopefully they find  out who who took the picture and handle that . Because whoever it was no longer needs to around .

But to Prince Harry , Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for you having fun , but careful on who you allow in your inner circle . And hopefully your grandmother doesn’t give you a harsh lecture. Enjoy life.

Always and Forever an fan ,

Brittany Morgan

Sunday, August 19, 2012

And back to school he went .

We took my brother back to school Friday . It was such a bittersweet moment. Im going to miss my little brother. I won't see him til thanksgiving (or if I can afford to go out there for Homecoming). It seems like the summer went so fast.
I'm so proud of my brother he is an amazing person . He recently turned 20 ( August 15th , wow i feel old saying that ) . He has grown into an amazing man . Even though he is my brother he acts like he my older brother , very protective . I love our random conversations about like .Talking to him lets me know he will be alright in life. My brother can be a little reserved but I'm glad he opens up with me. I'm going to miss having all his attention .( at school it , school work , friends , video games and girls lol ) . I'm also glad he has two amazing friends ( Angelo and Chris ) . 
I'm just rambling now but I'm just blessed to have an amazing brother and someone I can call my best friend . A lot of people dont have good relationships with their siblings I'm happy to say I do . 
My brother and I at my cousin's party 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Weekend

FRIDAY Laid in bed and watched movies 
SATURDAY My weekend was filled with lots of errands and house work. I also helped my brother wash his clothes and pack up for school ( he going back to school and leaving me :( Im going to miss my little brother) . My brother and I was going crazy staying in the house so we took our little cousin's to the park 

They had so much fun and so did I . It took me back to my childhood . I let loose and ran around ( and got a little dirty ) Spending time with my cousins always put a smile on my face. I love them so much. 
Later that evening I went dinner with my mom , brother and family friends . We went to a Japanese and Chinese food buffet ( HEAVEN !! ) Of course I got some sushi and orange chicken ( not the best combo but it was so good , I will b going back the food was really fresh) But i did make a salad it was really good everything there was so fresh ( some buffet food looks like its just been sitting there but u can taste the freshness in everything you eat there ) 

Later that night  I went to my older cousin's house for a little get together . It was good to relax and have good conversations . 

SUNDAY Sunday was sad day for me . I said my last goodbyes ( see you later ) to someone really dear to my heart . Last Sunday I got the news that Ms Renee ( an amazing , loving , caring ,( i can keep going ) ) had passed away . I couldn't believe it and Sunday made it real. ( I cry just thinking about her ). She was one of the first people I met when I got to CLC ( my church) and she just welcomed me with open arms . She reminded me so much of my grandmother and we had a instant bond . She had her own grandchildren but she made me feel like I was apart of family .I felt so loved . Im going to miss seeing her smile and no matter what I was going through just seeing her smile made my day. I MISS YOU MS RENEE YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART AND I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

30 Before 30

1. Start My Fashion Company
2. Buy a New Car
3. Run a 5k
4. Read the whole BIBLE
5. Go on Road trip
6. Go to the Vans Warped Tour
7. Get to my goal weight ( 150)
8. Go to Disney World
9. Get my own apartment
10. Adopt a puppy
11. Make a  difference in  at least one person life
12. Take a pole dancing class
13. Keep a journal for a whole year
14. Fall in LOVE
15. See a play on Broadway
16. Go on a Cruise
17. Travel outside to country
18. Get Married
19. Become a Mom
20. Go to New York and enjoy everything it has to offer
21. Make my brand a house hold name
22. Start a organization / foundation for young girls
23. Move to Florida
24. Meet my favorite band ( We the Kings , Paramore  , My Chemical Romance , Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy ,  )
25. Learn another language ( french !!)
26. Write a book
27. Get A Tattoo
28. Visit Las Vegas
29. Dye my hair
30. Go to an amusement park and ride every ride

We The Kings

Over the past two months I have fallen head over hills for WE THE KINGS . I've heard of them from their song they did with Demi Lovato " We'll Be A Dream " but I never took the time to listen to their music. About 2 months ago I came across this YouTube page " CTFxC " is was a daily vlog of a husband and wife ( Charles and Alli Trippy ) . The husband was in a band traveling and his wife was at home or traveling herself. As I watched the videos , I was thinking to myself this man looks very familiar and so does his band mates. So in one of the videos they mentioned the name of the band WE THE KINGS ( epiphany moment) (  Travis Clark – lead vocalsrhythm guitar,Hunter Thomsen – lead guitar,Danny Duncan – drums ,Charles Trippy - bass , and Coley O'Toole - pianobacking vocalsguitar) !!! WOW !!  I had to look their music up . By watching Charles Trippy's vlog i kinda got to know the band ( in a weird way) but they all seemed really cool and I just had to listen to their music. So i checked out a couple of their songs on YouTube. I totally fell in love. So i went to Itunes and bought their latest cd  " Sunshine State of Mind" and I got their EP " Party , Fun , Love & Radio" i love every song on both of the cds . I still have to purchase their old cds ( when i get a job lol ). They are such an amazing band.
I also came across Travis Clark's blog I started reading it from the beginning ( its took me a while but i read it )  He is such a genuine person . The of his  post hit home , it was the one about how he felt after his break up. His emotions that he wrote was how i was feeling 6 months ago . For him to open up like that and be so real. WOW!! I have so much respect for him .i felt everything that he wrote all i wanted to do  was give him a hug.
 I would  love to meet WE THE KINGS. Honestly we all would be best friends , especially me and Travis ( and its not just because Travis is such a cutie ) . Hopefully they will come back to Chicago sometime this year . They were her for the Vans Warped Tour but I was out of town and didn't make it back in time :( ( bummer) .
But Im glad I can say Im a fan of WE THE KINGS and if you havent heart of them please check them out you will not be disappointed .
My Top 5 Songs from "Sunshine State of Mind:
1.Over you
2.Say You Like Me
3. Kiss Me Last
4. Friday Is Forever
5. You and You Only
 BONUS !!! LISTEN TO " Party , Fun , Love & Radio " it's such an amazing song !!!!
Other links to band member
TRAVIS - and twitter : @travisrclark
HUNTER - twitter : @wethehunter
DANNY - and twitter : @wethedan
CHARLES - , , twitter : @charlestrippy
COLEY : twitter : @coleyotoole