Thursday, December 18, 2014

Friday Hitlist

Happy Friday my loves !! 
It's been a chill week . 
Work and home that's really it . 
I hope you enjoy my hit list this week 

1. Not Tonight - Elle Varner 
* this song explained me with every word ( minus the love part ) 
"Maybe in another life , I could be the girl who walks up to the guy and tells him . Tell him how she feels inside but not tonight . " 

2. Til It Happens To You - Corrine Bailey Rae 

3. Someone To Watch Over Me - Amy Winehouse ( cover ) 

4. Best Of Me - Chrisette Michele 

5. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Lauryn Hill 

6. Is This Love ? - Corrinne Bailey Rae ( cover ) 

7. Secret - Maroon 5 

8. One And Only - Adele 

9. Alright - Ledisi 

10. Don't Know Why - Norah Jones 


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Patiently Waiting

For years I've been looking for love in all the wrong places . I've let some no good guys in my life and took anything they've done . 
That all has changed . 
I'm finally becoming the woman I knew I could be , figuring out who I am more and more everyday. I'm happy . Yes , happy and single . And no this isn't one of those I don't need a man speeches. . I do want to get married one day and have children . That all will come in due time . Right now my main focus is strengthening my relationship with God and building my career . I know the rest will fall into place . 
I know God is preparing me for my future husband and he is prepping him for me . I am patiently waiting for him . For one day we will be ready for each other 

Xoxo ,
Patiently Waiting, 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Power Of Prayer

This has been one stressful week . I've been going through a lot of emotional things . And I've been letting everything get to me . I've been crying and extremely depressed. And yesterday everything changed , I had to go to church for the Christmas program rehearsal. Sitting there listening to the choir sing got to me . I intstantly started praying . As I sat there and talked to God I felt the worry on my heart start to go away . I have an amazing God he has seen me through so many difficult times . I know he will see me through this . This is just a storm . God is holding my hand through it all . I'm so blessed . Thank You God for all you've done for me . 

I'm starting my morning with my daily devotional and a personal bible study until I watch service online today . 
Join Me ( ) 

Brittany Morgan 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Hitlist ( Taylor Swift )

I love 1989.
Taylor swift is my soul sister.
1989 is amazing.
I tell my friends the album ( 1989 ) is me . 
The release date : October 27th ( my birthday ) 
The album name : 1989 ( the year I was born) 
Cray ! Cray ! Right ! 
I'm addicted to the cd I listen to it multiple times a day . 
My Top 5 Songs on the album 
1. Bad Blood ( rumors say this song is about Taylor's friendship with Katy Perry . I totally know where taylor is coming from  when a " friend stabs you i he back " 
2. Style 
3. Welcome To New York 
4. New Romance 
5. Blank Space 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holly Jolly Hot Chocolate ( Throwback Thursday)

Happy Throwback Thursday 

I love hot chocolate. 
And this is surely the perfect weather for it now 
Enjoy my hot chocolate video . 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Top 10 Christmas Movies

1. Elf

2. Home Alone 

3. This Christmas 

4. Miracle On 34th Street 

5. Holiday In Handcuffs 

6. It's A Wonderful Life 

7. Christmas Cupid 

8. Dear Santa 

9. Christmas Card 

10. A Christmas Story 



Monday, December 1, 2014

Winter Reading List ( Part One )

There is nothing like a cold day with a cup of hot cocoa and a great book . 

1. Big Girl Panties ~ Stephanie Evanovich 

2. The Sasst Belles ~ Beth Albright 

3. Wedding Belles ~ Beth Albright 

4. Sleigh Belles ~ Beth Albright 

5. Gone Girl ~ Gillian Flynn 

Mini book reviews coming soon 



Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday !! 
I woke up yesterday feeling so much better ready to take on the world again. No more nausea and no more stomach cramps . Bonus point  , a weeks worth of  blog post . When you spend days in bed that's the least I could do . ( besides all the sleeping I was doing ) 
Starting my Sunday off with my daily devotional and reading my bible and a hot cup of coffee . I thank god the pain is gone . Today is going to be a lazy/ productive day . Replying back to emails and watching loads of Christmas movies. 
Til later on my loves 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Night At The Hospital

Disclaimer : this may get really tmi !

Hey ladies and gents! 
For the past couple of days I've been miserable . Throwing up , couldn't eat , I couldn't even keep water down . Yesterday was my breaking point . I laid in bed all day couldn't move because if I did something was coming out . Over the past couple days I've thrown up over 20 times . My bestie took me to the hospital last night because she knew I was dehydrated and we had to figure out what the heck was going on . The waiting room bathroom was my best friend . I kept running back . I didn't want everyone seeing me puke and cry . I can't help it when I puke I cry like a baby at the same time . It's painful . I finally made it back to sit but something didn't feel right . My stomach cramps was coming back . I was getting dizzy , so i ran to the nurses station and then came the panic attack . I couldn't help it , I've never felt so bad in my life. They rushed me back into the critical room and got me in a gown . The nurse was able to calm me down and i shortly after dozed off . The doctor woke me up and gave me my diagnosis . I have gastritis ( inflammation in the stomach ) . How in the world did I get that ? She said mine was probably cause by some type of bacteria or virus . I had to put on fluids because I was dehydrated and given other medications for the nausea and stomach pain/ inflammation . Before I did that she wanted me to get a X-ray just make sure nothing else was wrong . Who knew  you had to take your pants off for a X-ray . And my crazy self wore a thong . Getting sexy at the hospital ?? I finally got hooked up to the IV and I had to call my buddy M . Talking to him calmed me . Because I hate needles and just being at the hospital scared me . Finally after 20 minutes of the IV I finally got to drink something APPLE JUICE!!! It was so amazing . And then the nurse gave me water with hospital ice ( now everyone know the hospital has the the best ice lol ) it felt so good to drink something and for it to stay down . After a while they discharged me . Now I'm comfy in my bed still feeling drained from all the throwing up but I'll be ok . My best friend is so amazing for getting me to the hospital without her I'll probably still be sittings here throwing  up or possibly worse . 
Hopefully I feel up to eating thanksgiving dinner tomorrow . 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Rebound

Why do we have what we don't want ? And want what me don't have ? 

Many people say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. 

Is this true ?? 

Hopping into bed with someone else will help you get over someone ?
Or is it just a temporary fix ? 
Lost in the passion with one when your heart wants another . 

And what if you start having feeling for this person ? 
Are they real ? 
Or are they just an emotional wall to help you get over the other guy ....... 


Monday, November 10, 2014

Blank Spaces

How was your weekend ? I spent most of mine in bed , watching Christmas movies and writing. 
I need to take a serious break from social media ( excluding my blog ) 
To login on facebook and seeing your ex logged on is somewhat of a blow to the heart . 
I know you're probably thinking " why don't you delete him? " . I just don't have the heart to do it yet or even at all . I still don't know why we aren't together . But I guess we don't get the answers to everything . But why do men do that one moment we was really good then we wasn't . Or was it never good and I just overlooked all the  warning signs . Is that the new thing just not giving a fuck . Stringing people along then poof you're gone ! 
Why do I even care anymore ? 
I try not to but I can't help it . 
He still has a part of my heart . 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Hitlist

Happy Friday !!! 
There  will no longer be " Music Monday's " 
Friday Hitlist is back . 
This week has been somewhat of an emotional week for me 
And the 5 songs I've chosen will totally reflect that 

1. I'm not the only one - Sam Smith 
2. Everybody's got somebody but me - Hunter Hayes 
3. The heart wants what it wants - Selena Gomez 
4. Lay me down - Sam Smith 
5. Just A Fool - Christina Aguilera 

P.S : there will be lot of changes coming to the blog even 
a possible name change!!!! 


Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy 25th Birthday To Me

* late post but this was written on my birthday.  

Today is a blessing . I'm 25 ! Wow 25 !!! This is the first birthday without both of my parents . I know they both are looking down on me . I have so much I want to accomplish during year 25 . So many things I need to prove to myself . Year 23 and 24 was an emotional roller coaster. I lost track of my goals and so many other things . I've been disappointed in myself but I know year 25 will be better . I'm keeping my eyes on the prize and staying prayed up . I'm excited to get so much done I pray for peace and love . That's all I want.  Peace and Love ! 
Peace from  heartache and pain . And love for what I do and from whom I am around . I've allowed so much negativity in my life . I got so weak holding onto things and people that I should've let go of forever ago but no more I can't do it . I choose to be happy . I choose to make a difference . I choose to be me . 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

25 In 25

My birthday is quickly approaching and I've made a list of 25 things I want to do while I'm 25 ( just little goals) 

1. Have a stronger relationship with God 
2. Read the whole bible 
3. Read 10 books 
4. Fall in love  
5. Buy a new car 
6. Complete my professional makeup kit
7. Write a blog post 3 days a week ( at least)
8. Post a video on my channel 3 days a week ( at least ) 
9. Get more involved in church 
10. Have at least one memorable bold moment 
11. Stop biting my nails ( horrible habit) 
12. Become a Brand Ambassador ( Benefit Cosmetics ) 
13. Get my savings back to what it was 
14. Do something to change someone life positively 
15. Send care packages to deployed soldiers ( something I did in college ) 
16. Volunteer More 
17. Get over 1000 subscribers on YouTube 
18. Finish writing my book 
19. Be Happy 
20. Build my clientele 
21. Let go and not be so uptight 
22. Visit my grandparents 
23. Finish decorating my house
24. See 3 plays ( musicals and etc.)
25. Confront my fears 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Out Of The Woods

There's nothing like a day with nature . Trees , a lake , birds and etc . The best part is having a great friend along for the journey . My friend Jamie invited me to go on a photo hunt in a local reservoir . I love spending time with Jamie , lots of laughs , photos and great conversations  
It was just what I needed to clear my head . I've been been feeling down since T ( I've mentions him in other post ) has been extremely distant lately . But back to the woods . 
We got some amazing pictures of the trees and the various plants 
It was peaceful out there you couldn't be anything but happy . The cutest thing was seeing the cute elderly men out there together fishing at the lake ( who knew you needed a  license to fish ) 

We walked around the lake to look at all of God's creations . I ignored my fears and even walked through tall grass ( I was scared of field mice and snakes ) 

We found a wood trail , that's when the real adventure started . It was magical until a couple turns and we ended up getting lost . We had to rush to find a exit because the place closed at sunset . And the sun was starting to set . For a moment we both got a little scared . But we made it out and enjoyed more time by the lake by the fishermen . We had so much fun minis getting lost . Can't wait to go back . 
For more pictures check out my facebook page 

* Nothing to do with my blog post but check out Taylor Swift's new song " Out Of The Woods " 
Taylor has done it again with a another great hit


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It Was Only Just A Dream

All I want to do is sleep 
Sleep so I can see them 
So I can have a moment of false happiness 
The past week I've been having amazing dreams 
Just for a moment I get to " live " the life I always wanted 
My parents alive , healthy and together 
If only that all was true 
In what universe does someone lose both parents a little bit over a year apart 
There was so much more learning and guidance I needed 
So much more love I had to give and to receive 
So many more memories to be had . 
Like that special moment when that special someone ask my father for my hand in marriage 
Going wedding dress shopping with my mother 
Or having her there to coach me through while I give birth to my child . 
Just thinking about all the memories that could've been had 
But it was only just a dream 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Graze Nibble Box Review

When graze box first came  out I got one every two weeks 
but i took a little break 
I decided to give it another chance and try them out 

The graze " Nibble Box " comes with 4 small yummy snacks 

I'm in love with these 
The salty and spicy taste really blew my taste buds 

It was a great salty little snack 

Again something with coconut couldn't eat it . But I had a friend try it and she hooked . She said with all the flavor combos in her mouth it reminded her of a muffin  

The best popcorn I've ever had . Never thought about popcorn with pepper on it . Now I can't eat popcorn without now 


For a couple month I've seen the Shaytards talk about Nature Box . 
Its a box with yummy and healthy snacks
I totally needed this in my life 
Working from home I find myself snacking a lot 
I got opportunity to get a free sampler box 

I got a lot of yummy snack 
The main thing i wanted I got 
I've been craving them since I saw them in the video 
They are so good . 
I will be placing an order for another bag

In the sampler box it also included 
4 small bags of goodies 
 Really different but its good . Its really a corn kernel with cinnamon 
I have to try to make these myself 
Its a great fall snack 
with some cider 
As you can see I'm ready for fall . 

I love almonds and these are so delicious . 
It taste like a salsa on almonds 
which may sound weird but its good . 
Another repurchase soon 

I couldn't partake of this one 
I can't take the taste of coconut . 
But I did have a friend try it . 
She love the sweetness and saltiness 
The coconut didn't over power the taste of the cashews 

Not the best tasting kinda dry but crunched up in a salad its good