Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It Was Only Just A Dream

All I want to do is sleep 
Sleep so I can see them 
So I can have a moment of false happiness 
The past week I've been having amazing dreams 
Just for a moment I get to " live " the life I always wanted 
My parents alive , healthy and together 
If only that all was true 
In what universe does someone lose both parents a little bit over a year apart 
There was so much more learning and guidance I needed 
So much more love I had to give and to receive 
So many more memories to be had . 
Like that special moment when that special someone ask my father for my hand in marriage 
Going wedding dress shopping with my mother 
Or having her there to coach me through while I give birth to my child . 
Just thinking about all the memories that could've been had 
But it was only just a dream 

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