Thursday, September 4, 2014


For a couple month I've seen the Shaytards talk about Nature Box . 
Its a box with yummy and healthy snacks
I totally needed this in my life 
Working from home I find myself snacking a lot 
I got opportunity to get a free sampler box 

I got a lot of yummy snack 
The main thing i wanted I got 
I've been craving them since I saw them in the video 
They are so good . 
I will be placing an order for another bag

In the sampler box it also included 
4 small bags of goodies 
 Really different but its good . Its really a corn kernel with cinnamon 
I have to try to make these myself 
Its a great fall snack 
with some cider 
As you can see I'm ready for fall . 

I love almonds and these are so delicious . 
It taste like a salsa on almonds 
which may sound weird but its good . 
Another repurchase soon 

I couldn't partake of this one 
I can't take the taste of coconut . 
But I did have a friend try it . 
She love the sweetness and saltiness 
The coconut didn't over power the taste of the cashews 

Not the best tasting kinda dry but crunched up in a salad its good     

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