Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fitting into Society ??

OK well this is my first time posting something on here so here I go lol. OK two days ago i was listening to a song and they said something in the song that my mom did not agree with. I'll agree what was said in the song  was a little "vulgar" but then she went on this whole rant about how this is why I want to dye my hair different colors. Anyone who knows me knows that I a not easily persuaded . So when she said that I was being persuaded it kinda made me mad . Doesn't she know her daughter ? Doesn't she know that I am more strong willed than that ? She then goes on to say that she wants me to fit into society ...... wait FIT INTO SOCIETY ? What  does that even mean ? Should I do what "normal " teenagers do and lie and cheat and steal ? I am a good kid I do none of the above and I bring home good grades. I think I fit into society well. It really made me sad for some reason because she didn't tell me to be who i want to be or do my own thing like most parents say but do the opposite. Be a plain Jane like the rest of them. My point ? What is society ? Make your OWN society.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Teen Choice Awards : Highlights

The Teen Choice Awards was hosted by Demi Lovato and Kevin Mchale this year . Their chemistry was a little awkward , it seemed like flirting but who knows ? The first performance of the night was No Doubt .
Its been a decade since No Doubt has performed on the Teen Choice Awards stage. The performance was outstanding . ( They performed their new single " Settle Down" ) It was such a simple and raw performance and i loved every minute . They didn't need all the bells and whistles they have so much raw talent. I'm so excited that they are working together again and I cant wait to see more of their music . 
There so many of my favorite people there is so hard to keep up . 
Taylor Swift sat front row with her brother Austin . 
Taylor was the BEST DRESSED for the night to me . She wore a  light pastel pink dress by Maria Lucia Hohan . It was a classic Taylor , her look was very classy and flirty. 
I also loved Jojo's red carpet look .I love it when people keep it simple but yet classy and flirty.
JoJo kept it simple with an white shirt tucked into a metallic gold skirt with nude heels and accessorized  it with a gold statement necklace and a cuff bracelet . ( JoJo also just recently released her new single " Demonstrate"  , check it out ) .
The women weren't the only ones who looked amazing . 

Chris Colfer , Ian Somerhalder , Chord Overstreet and Daren Kagasoff brought sexy back to the red carpet ( LOL ) . 
There were more performances of night . 
Flo Rida performed  " Whistle " and " Wild Ones " . 
Justin Bieber brought down the house with his futuristic performance of "Boyfriend " and "As Long As You Love Me " 
Carly Rae Jepsen ending the show with her performance of " Call Me Maybe " 

Heres a couple of pictures from the night . 
All images courtesy of 

Brittany Morgan

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fashion Evolution : Demi Lovato

I've been a fan of Demi Lovato's for years . From her television shows , movies , and music. The past couple years Demi has gone through a lot in her personal life which result in her staying in a rehab facilities . But she is back stronger than ever . She has grown into an amazing woman and a great role model for many young woman .( She now one of the judges on " The X- Factor with Britney Spears ) With her many life changes her style has changed also over they years. She grown from this little girl to the powerful woman who is ready to take on the world.

As you can see her style is more fierce now . They dresses I've seen her in lately has been amazing . I cant wait to see what she will be wearing this season for the X Factor ( Im only because of Demi and Britney ). 
Demi is such a great fashion icon and you will be hearing about her again on this blog . 
Until then don't  for get to