Monday, September 18, 2017

Harry Potter Marathon

After a long week at work it was great to unwind with with friends .
My fellow Potter Heads and I set out on a mission to complete the series . 

We had so much fun laughing and talking.
Even though I was on Snapchat I kept to myself this weekend. 
I wanted to be in the moment . 

Depression is a scary thing and its been taking over my life lately.
My days have been work and home ( in bed) 
I haven't been feeling like myself lately .
 I just needed time to stop and let God take control . 

I needed to be surrounded my positivity and happiness .
I know people may think its weird but watching Harry Potter makes me happy. 
It takes me back to the good ole days. 

I use to watch Harry Potter all the time with my mother
It was a family thing 
 And this weekend reminded me of that 

Good food , good conversations and of course Harry Potter made things feel great 

It felt good to not have to deal with the outside world 
No Drama
Just peace and fun

Now its time for some much needed rest .
I feel so prepared for the week 
Now time for a talk with God and a good night's rest. 

What are some things you do when you're stressed ?

Brittany Morgan 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Rock Bottom

I'm scared
Today I'm sitting at 362 pounds .
By the grace of god I don't have any major health issues .
I've lost control of myself . 
I've let depression and anxiety take over my life and now I'm at my highest weight.
 I can't let this continue.
I cant continue to eat all the wrong things . 
I can't continue not being active . 
I need to make some major changes .
 And they have to start today .
 I want to be a mother one day and that's gonna be impossible or difficult to do with all this weight . I need to lose this weight for myself . It's a shame I can't walk to end of the block without feeling like I'm dying .
 I'm tired of this .
Today is my fresh start .
I've thrown out all the junk for my house and I'm creating a new Brittany now .

I pray this time will be the time I can finally make this work and lose all this weight . 

Brittany Morgan 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Eat , Pray , Love

Lately I've been thinking about taking a trip alone . 
I don't know where yet but I need it .
I just want to relax , get pampered and not have a care in the world 

Traveling with friends would be fun but sometimes I just want to be alone. 
I want time to regroup and have one on one time with the Lord .

Ive been trying to take one day month to turn my phone volume down low and destress .
Sometimes I don't want hear about the latest drama from friends ( I hope that doesn't make me a bad friend ) . 
Just a day for me . 
A day to stay in bed , watch movies and order in food . 

Everyone deserves time to themselves 

I'm scared to leave the country alone but I see a nice spa weekend coming up for myself soon .

After this break up its time to get back to me . 
After giving my all to someone for almost 2 years I was left with nothing emotionally . 

It feels good to working on a better version of myself . 

Have you ever gone on vacation alone ?
If so where did you ? How was your trip 

Brittany Morgan 

Monday, July 3, 2017

July Goals

July has come so quickly . I'm so excited to see what this months has in store for me .
Good Vibes 

1. Read 2 Books
2. Purge My Closet 
3. Host A Social Event
4. Workout Daily 
5. Reach 500 Twitter Followers 
6. Post 2 Times A Week 

Brittany Morgan 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Spring has come and I've been all about DIY household products.
 I wanted to try something new and why not save money in the process.
 So I've looking for ways to make alternative products.
Lately I've been trying a DIY detergent for my clothes 

Something that leaves my clothes smelling fresh but not an over powering fragrance . 
All you need to make it is : mason jar ( or any container with a lid )
Zote ( a bar laundry soap that can be found in the laundry detergent aisle for under a $1 )
Baking soda and a  cheese grater

I like to grate the zote 

Mixing zote and baking soda is easy . 

I like to do it in layers then shake it all together ( once the lid is on )

For a full load all your need a 2 tablespoons. 
For work clothes, children play clothes I would add a little more , but a little goes a long way .

I'm so in love with this detergent 

Do you have a DIY household product you love ?

Send me some DIYs you love 

Brittany Morgan 

Monday, May 1, 2017

May Goals

April Review
1. 1200 calories was a fail but I have kept my calories low 
2. I never realized how much I missed dancing until I started again. I will be continuing dancing maybe in the future I'll post a video on my youtube channel
3. Staying organized  has been great I've been great at decluttering my life and staying organized 
4. I failed and bought planner stickers . One of the store I've always had my eyes on ( Willow Fields ) had a 50% off sale and I had to jump on that . 
5. I haven't picked a herb I want to plant yet
6. Spanish has been so fun to learn. 
Ahora tiempo para mis metas de mayo
Now time for my May Goals

May Goals 

1. 50 to 100 squats per day . I need a round booty 
2. Have fun at Anime Central .Last year I got really sick the day before it started and didn't get better until i got back home . I'm praying that doesn't happen again 
3. Start saving for my birthday trip . I still need to pick a location
Nashville / Miami/ Las Vegas 
4. Change my hair color . I need to spice my hair up and try something new 
5. 1 Gallon of water per . I need to flush out my system and stay properly hydrated 

What have do you want to accomplish this month?
Have a great month 

Brittany Morgan 

Monday, April 24, 2017

My Weekend With My Bestie

My weekend has been so amazing
My friend  Angelique from back home came into town to visit Friday night
First things first we made a store run for our weekend supplies 

There is nothing like good food and drinks wth my friend
Friday was a low key night just catching  up and yummy food

Saturday was fun slept in and woke ready for a fun day 

We did some shopping in town wait on my brother to get out of class before we did the real shopping 
Living in the middle of nowhere we had to take an hour long drive to get to a good mall 
Shopping is Angelique and I favorite pass time .

With her getting ready for a trip to Las Vegas and I getting things for Anime Central had a little of things we needed . 
Dont forget the coupons ( especially at Michaels )

After all that shopping we needed to refuel before the long ride home . 

I made jello shots for the first time and they turned out perfectly

 Saturday night was another chill night in the house watching Hidden figures and eating some amazing rotel dip . 

Though this trip was short and sweet it was exactly what I needed 
A weekend escape but we will be reunited in a month I can't wait 

How was your weekend?

Brittany Morgan