Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reflecting On Year 23

Wow I'm 24 it's such a blessing !!!! 
I took some time to reflect on how much my life has changed since my last birthday . 

The biggest change is the death of my mother . I never would have thought I would be entering year 24 without my best friend  . My birthday morning I read the card my mother gave me last year . It was perfect . Just reading her words explaining my birth and how I was a wonderful gift and blessing from God . I miss my best friend , I know I will see her again . 

23 brought me a lot of heartache and happiness . Such s bipolar year ! 

I've learned so much about  myself .
I've learned that I need to open up more . I have a habit of closing myself off a lot . I lived a very safe / boring. Not stepping outside my bubble . 

Year 23 I finally made a decision on my career goals. I made the best decision ever to join cosmetology school . Learning so much more about the beauty industry ... I can't wait to graduate in May ......

I have this amazing man in my life . He is   such an blessing. The love this man has for me and I have for him is so indescribable . I see an amazing future with him. 
But sometimes this love scares me because I've never loved someone as much as I love him . 

I'm so excited to see what year 24 has in store for me . Hopefully more traveling , more love , and happiness .  

        Stay tuned !