Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Love Don't Live Here Anymore


Sometimes I laugh at the thought of it 

There are so many reasons why I hesitate when it comes to love

 It started by watching my parents marriage. I don't remember them being happy.

 Everything and everyone else was more important to Dad than us.

 I remember him disappearing on weekends

 I had no idea where he was going when he wasn’t around until he took me to a cousin's house one week day

 I thought it was weird because it was in the hood in Chicago and he never wanted us in that environment especially after dark

 So I was watching all the kids because all the adults went to the basement to watch tv

  They left a baby there and she started crying so went to kitchen to grab her a bottle the fridge

The fridge was right next to the stairs to the basement and I look down and see my father kissing this random as woman.

 I ran to the back porch in shock and called my grandma ( my dads mother) and told her what I saw and she couldn’t believe it.

 But she told me I need to tell my mom. And after collecting myself for a moment before I called my mom, my dad rushed out where I was.

He slapped me and told me he hated me and told me I ruined our family.

  Of course I still told my mother and shit went down hill from there

 He still went away every weekend but I now knew where he was.

 My mom had a car and he didn’t and he would threaten to kick her out the house if she didn’t take him to work (it was dad’s parents house they had moved to Georgia)

 My mama saved all the money she could and one weekend he left we moved out.

 We got all the big stuff and majority of all the other things  and left.

 But we forgot our book bags for school so we went Monday morning because he would’ve been at work by then.

 We got there and he moved in his girlfriend ( the woman I saw him kissing) and her two kids. 

Though this isn't the full set of stories, there are so many more sub stories but I am not here to air out their dirty laundry but some stories really shaped my life and how I look at things


Brittany Morgan 

Monday, February 1, 2021

The Love Of A Friend


I met Ashley freshman year of high school

When we first met we didn't like each other ( stupid teenage minds)

Over time we gravitate more to each other

We had our little friend group but Ashley was my person 

She was the one I could truly be myself with

And after high school we were the only two standing from our friend group

I am so thankful for Ashley

Lord knows I have a hard time showing my emotions but Ashley always knew when something was wrong

Our friendship hasn't alway been rainbow and sunshine but we worked through the storms because we love each other

I can't believe it has been 16 years of friendship

I never let anyone in that much to even think that I would have a friendship that would last this long. 

We helped each other through some dark and painful time 

We've also been there to celebrate many milestones

Ashley is getting married in a couple of months

She has met this amazing man, I am so happy for the both of them 

Watching my best friend fall in love is truly a beautiful thing

I got watch her grow into this amazing woman and soon an amazing wife and mother 

I thank God for her every day 

I'm excited to see where God takes our friendships and the many more milestones we have to walk through


Brittany Morgan