Saturday, November 4, 2017

November Goals

Its November already, the year is almost over ! 

My goals this month are going to take a lot of planning. 
I just need to get them started so I won't be rushing at the last minute 

 1. Start Christmas Shopping 
I only have 2 people possibly 3 ( if we do Secret Santa at work this year) to shop for this year 
I have some what of an idea of what I want to do for them its just gonna be a little time consuming . 

2. Thanksgiving Prep
Because of my work schedule I will be having my thanksgiving dinner on Black Friday . 
But I need to start shopping for all the ingredients I need to have a yummy dinner
 ( Menu coming soon )

3. Fashion Post 
I want to do a fashion post on my blog this month I just need to find the time to set up the session to get some great pics.

4 . Plan Christmas Series 
25 days of Christmas . A post everyday leading up to Christmas if  I start now I know I can get them all taken care of. 

5. Keep Track Of Meal
I have a weight loss happy planner , planner that I barely write in but I want to stay on track with keeping up with  my meals. 

6. Start Planning 2018 Blog
I have a new vision for PIB next year and I have so many things to get done before then I can't wait for you all to see them . 

What are your goals this month ?

Brittany Morgan