Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Not Really Friends

I definitely had an a few na├»ve months this year. I met this guy on a dating site at the beginning of the year. I felt  connected to him instantly after our amazing conversations.After a weeks of talking I was finally comfortable enough to meet, but it never happened. Between crazy snowstorms and our crazy work schedules it never happened. It seemed like every time we tried to meet the skies had other plans for us and multiple inches of snow would fall. Living almost two hours away from someone you’re interested in is hard, but we kept the conversations going daily. Finally the snow seemed to pass and the weather was finally getting warmer, I figured finally I get to meet him. So much for wishful thinking it never happened, I kept getting excuses and excuses on why we couldn’t meet up. The one that put the nail in the coffin was when I moved my work schedule around so i could have the weekend off only for him to say “ there is 30% chance of rain so I don’t want to make that drive ” ( it never rained).  I’ve taken bullshit excused like that before but at that point I was over situation. So I told home should only be friends. For a couple of weeks communication was non-existent. Over time our conversations started up again. I knew I couldn’t pursue anything romantically with him but I was open to a friendship. Lack of consistency, not really wanting to see me was a major turn off, but it was good to have a friend to talk to. I had a friend, so I thought. We didn’t talk as often which was cool with me but when we did it was good have someone to vent to and to also be a listening ear. I knew he would never be anything but a “ pen pal” ( in our case a texting buddy). 
Last week I was in Las Vegas and things got really weird between us. 
I posted a few pictures of my outfits while in Las Vegas and then the messages started pouring in.
So many sexual suggestive messages, I tried to brush it off and laugh about it.
After constantly getting them I was feeling annoyed and uncomfortable.
I finally got up the nerve to call him our on it 
Of course it turned back on me and he said I was "hurting his feelings "
He told me he was trying to work his way out of "friend zone"
If that was the case he was definitely doing it the wrong.
The way to get to my heart is not sex 
I have learned a lesson from this 

Brittany Morgan