Thursday, February 2, 2017

Year Of Me : The First Weigh In

Weighing in at almost 350 lbs bothers me . 

I find doing the simplest things hard. 
Walking up stairs or just walking up the street I'm always out of breath . 
Now don't get me wrong I'm very comfortable in my own skin but its time for change.
I want to be more healthier 
I'm not trying to be the size society wants me to be 
But I know I can be in a way healthier place than I am in now . 

So I'm going to switch up my eating habits 
Get back to working out on a regular 

I know losing this weight wont happen overnight but I'm willing to work on it on a daily . 

I'm ready for some major changes in my life .
I will be keeping you posted on here and in-between 

I've recently started using  Activa Naturals Greens Super Food in my daily smoothie that I am in love with it.

Its such an affordable product and great for my weight loss journey and changing my eating my eating habits .

I can't wait to share more updates on my journey stay tuned !


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Goals

January Recap

1. I didn't lose the 5 lbs Ive haven't been eating the way I should and I'm extremely disappointed in myself 
2. Skincare has been getting really good . I love how my skin is starting to look 
3. No pop and juice went out the window . 
4. I have been using my social media even more and I remember how much fun I use to have with it . 

February Goals

1. Read 3 books - I already have them set aside and ready to read
2. Complete 14 Days Of Love - I will be posting a new blog post everyday until Valentine's Day

3.See 50 Shades Darker in theaters . I never got to see 50 Shades Of Grey in theaters I have to see this one 
4.Prep March blogpost
5. Workout 3 days a week/ 1 hour
6. Keep my hair in a protective style
7. Take more original pictures for my blog . ( That was the whole point of me buying a DSLR camera)

Brittany Morgan