Monday, April 24, 2017

My Weekend With My Bestie

My weekend has been so amazing
My friend  Angelique from back home came into town to visit Friday night
First things first we made a store run for our weekend supplies 

There is nothing like good food and drinks wth my friend
Friday was a low key night just catching  up and yummy food

Saturday was fun slept in and woke ready for a fun day 

We did some shopping in town wait on my brother to get out of class before we did the real shopping 
Living in the middle of nowhere we had to take an hour long drive to get to a good mall 
Shopping is Angelique and I favorite pass time .

With her getting ready for a trip to Las Vegas and I getting things for Anime Central had a little of things we needed . 
Dont forget the coupons ( especially at Michaels )

After all that shopping we needed to refuel before the long ride home . 

I made jello shots for the first time and they turned out perfectly

 Saturday night was another chill night in the house watching Hidden figures and eating some amazing rotel dip . 

Though this trip was short and sweet it was exactly what I needed 
A weekend escape but we will be reunited in a month I can't wait 

How was your weekend?

Brittany Morgan 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Hitlist

Happy Friday . Im so excited for this weekend 
My bestie is coming into town tonight 
Its always fun when she is around 
There is going to lot of shopping , talks , drinks , food and great music
Here are some songs I've had on repeat this week 

1. That's What I Like - Bruno Mars
2. Love Drought - Beyonce 
3. Bounce Back - Big Sean 
4. No Fraud - Nicki Minaj , Drake , Lil Wayne
5. Caroline -Amine 
6. That's My Best Friend - Tokyo Vanity 

Have a safe weekend

Brittany Morgan 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Birthday Weight-Loss Challenge

I want to challenge myself and workout everyday until my birthday 
Thats 191 days none stop working out  
In 191 day I will be 28 years old
Its time for a major change
In a perfect world I would love to lose a pound per day but I know it's not realistic .

I loved this dress I bought it in hopes to fit into it soon hopefully I will
Weighing in today at 355 lbs

Im excited for a new journey in my life
I want to be healthy and more active
Im doing this myself and my happiness
In the past I was losing weight for all the wrong reasons.
Losing weight has always been a struggle for me .
 For years I've started and stopped diets .
 Signed up for gyms and would go and waste my money month after month .
 Growing up I attempted to lose weight to get guys or to finally stop being bullied but with all that stress all I did was stress eat .
 I would try to lose weight  because everyone told me I need to .
I finally reached a place in my life that I'm ready for a healthier lifestyle .
 I can't remember what it feel like to simple walk around the block without feeling winded . 
I want a whole new life .
 I've been making some major changes in my life to reach my goals .
 Changing the food I eat the vitamins I take and how I move ( exercising)
I can't wait to see where the new life takes . 

Brittany Morgan

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Goals

Happy April !

I'm excited for this month . Im excited for green grass and blooming flowers 
I have so many things planned for now til the end of the summer and beyond. 

1. 1200 Calories A Day 
I have a dress to wear next month to a friends wedding . It fits a little tight and I know losing weight will make me feel comfortable in my dress . 
2. Dance 
I miss dancing I use to take dance classes growing up and took some on my college campus also . Its a really good way to relieve stress and lose weight 
3. Stay Organized 
I see some major decluttering coming my way I've been in a throwing away mood. Getting rid of stuff I don't need or use anymore
4. No Spend 
Besides groceries , bills and needed items no extra spending for me . Which is gonna hurt because I know there will be a planner sticker sale soon 
5. Plant Flowers and Herbs
6. Learn Spanish
I would love to hold a whole conversation in Spanish with someone 

Brittany Morgan