Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life Of A Single Girl : Online Dating

* Disclaimer - This post was written in may ,I just decided to post it  *

At 24 the world is my playground. 
So many opportunities at my  fingertips . 
I just have to grab them . 
Tv has totally glamorized   the single life. .
Night clubs , dinner with the girls and guys lining up at the doorstep ( it happens sometimes lolo)

When in reality I'm sitting on my bed in my pjs and watching gossip girl on Netflix ( and lets not forget the spoonful of Nutella in my mouth) 

In 2014 there are so many ways of meeting men . The most common way now is ONLINE ! 

One day boredom got the best of me and I signed up .
And let me tell you there are some  pervs out there. 
Before saying " Hello " they send " DICK PICS " 
Or I get the famous statement 
" Your're pretty for a big girl "


But after all the craziness  I did find a select few that are pretty  decent. 
I met one guy I'm interested in . 
He's a cool guy , I like talking to him . 
I'm excited to see where this goes. 
We just had our first date
He's a little shy but I like him 
I just want him to open up a little more to me 
Only time will tell.

( Sidenote : I'm thinking about keeping up with these  " Life of a single girl " . It gives me a chance to show you guys a little bit more into my life . And its fun !!!! )

Til Next Time 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bittersweet Moment

It just hit me ! Tomorrow is the BIG day , I'm graduating .
WOW !!
This is the end of one  journey  and the beginning of another one . 
Its really a bittersweet moment
Regency really changed my life . Actually the people at regency changed my life . 
Before starting regency I was in a really dark place . Mourning the lost of my mother . 
Not having a reason to wake up every morning . 
I had to focus my energy into something positive and get out of bed .
August 19th , 2013 was life changing. 
Walking into that classroom with  all these crazy personalities  was totally a culture shock. 
I met some amazing people. I actually made some life long friends  . 
Bonding with all  these amazing women , connecting in so many ways .
I know I'm not the same Brittany that walked into that school last year 
I'm stronger , more  independent and happy . 
This is just the start of something new .
Just wished my mother was here to see it . 
To see the woman  I've become . 
But I know my Angel is watching down from heaven 

I'm excited to see what the future has in store me . 
Stay Tuned

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Random Thoughts : Being More Open

I have a bad habit of not saying what what I really feel.   
Sometimes my " Aw Ok " and my " Oh Ok" really means so much more  .
Being burned in the past scares me from opening up.
This time I'm really trying .
But I'm still trying figure him out .
Sometimes I don't  feel like he is being  open with me . The door opens up a little but then it closes 
But hey he's a guy right . ( is that an excuse ) 
I just know I really like him 
I would like to spend more time with him (  but that's a different story for a different day ) DON"T ASK !
But I'm going to take this slow.
That was my issue in the past rushing things and it crash and burn just as fast.
But there is something about this one ... What ?? I'll tell you guys  later but we'll see.
We'll See !!!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Music Monday

Happy Monday Ladies and Gentlemen !

1. Sing - Ed Sheeran

2.  She's County - Jason Aldean 

3. Shades Of Cool - Lana Del Rey 

4. Problem - Ariana Grande 

5. Me and My Broken Heart - Rixton 

6. Rude - Magic! 

Just a couple songs I've been playing over and over on my spotify.
Next week I will be making a custom spotify playlist just for you


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Social

1. What’s your favorite scary movie?
I don't have one , I'm not really into them . 
2. What is your favorite weird TV show you think no one else watches?
Duck Dynasty , I can watch it all day everyday . I love that show but my friends think its weird lol 

3. What is the song you can sing all the words to without any music?
I love "Fix You " by Coldplay I'm hooked on that song . I sing it at least once a day . 
That song always gets to me very emotional .

4. What is your favorite book to re read?
Heaven Is For Real . One of the best books I've read in a long time .  

5. The one website you visit more times a day than others?  I love makeup . All thing beauty. I'm always watching tutorials , tag videos , and uploading my own videos ( ) 
 Til next Sunday 
Love you 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Random Thoughts : Thats All I Want

 I don't want a lot . Honestly I don't . I just want someone I click with . Someone with the same morals values  and openness to life . Someone that will have my back . Someone I can talk to and  I know they are genuinely caring . Someone I can share my life with  and wants to share their life with me . I just want to be happy . Open up to someone .  Have I found that only time will tell  . Its too soon but I hope I have. I don't want to jump the gun but I like him but I just want to take things slow and see where this path leads me . Be it friendship or more.
I don't know


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Influenster Vow VoxBox

Good Morning Ladies and Gents 
Last night I got something really cool in the mail . 
My Influenster Vow VoxBox ( THE WEDDING BOX )
 No I'm not getting married but influenster chose me to test out the  products that was in the box

I got so many great goodies !!!
I  used the shaving cream tonight . It left my skin feeling so soft and it smells amazing . 

The Tide to go is going straight in my purse . I have this invisible hole in my mouth so this is truly needed  

I used this for the first time tonight and it was so cool . A review video is coming very soon . 

I'm starting a review video with the olay moisturizer it says to fades dark spots so its going to take me 8 weeks to complete this video

Im in love with this nail color . A soft blue with my skin tone looks amazing . I feel this is going to be my go to nail color this summer .  

Review videos and blog post are coming soon .
Stay Tuned !!! 
Til Next Time 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Random Thoughts: 24 hours long gone !

I've never been and probably will never be one of those needy girlfriends . But I do have a issue if you can go 24 hours without talking to me . And I totally understand someone being busy but not even a good morning or goodnight that's a problem  to me . 
I've seen my friend's boyfriends disappear for days and pop up days later like nothing happened . I feel like if you can willingly go that long without speaking to me you must not want me in your life . And believe  me I know every situation is different . But if he just chilling playing video games , or all on social media he can talk to you if he wants . But hey those are my random thoughts ... 
Until the next random moment 

Music Monday


Another Monday another list of great music . 
 I love making list of my current situation . 
I hope you enjoy !!

1. Fix You - Coldplay 

2. Where It Hurts - Tamar Braxton 

3. Just Keep Breathing - We The Kings 

4.Prettiest Girl - Tamar Braxton 

5. Halo - Beyonce 

6. The Way - Jill Scott

7. Say Yes - Floetry 

8. Fallen - Mya 

9.So Into You - Tamia 

10. With You - Marsha Ambrosius 

11. Alone Together - Daley 

12. Refill - Elle Varner 

13. Pieces Of Me - Ledisi

14. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran 

15.  Little Things - One Direction 

If you have any suggestions for songs I should check out . 
Let me know !!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

My First Apartment

So  its been two weeks since I've moved into my apartment , still unpacking . I haven't seen any of these things in months ( my stuff has been stored at my aunt's house ) 
All these boxes but its still not everything  I need .
I still need a bed , couch , tv stand and dinning room set . 
But hey that has to come later when I get more funds. 
Unless someone wants to give it to me * hint hint *
But for now my blow up bed will have to do . 
I will keep you updated on my decor !! ..
Goodwill here I come time.