Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bittersweet Moment

It just hit me ! Tomorrow is the BIG day , I'm graduating .
WOW !!
This is the end of one  journey  and the beginning of another one . 
Its really a bittersweet moment
Regency really changed my life . Actually the people at regency changed my life . 
Before starting regency I was in a really dark place . Mourning the lost of my mother . 
Not having a reason to wake up every morning . 
I had to focus my energy into something positive and get out of bed .
August 19th , 2013 was life changing. 
Walking into that classroom with  all these crazy personalities  was totally a culture shock. 
I met some amazing people. I actually made some life long friends  . 
Bonding with all  these amazing women , connecting in so many ways .
I know I'm not the same Brittany that walked into that school last year 
I'm stronger , more  independent and happy . 
This is just the start of something new .
Just wished my mother was here to see it . 
To see the woman  I've become . 
But I know my Angel is watching down from heaven 

I'm excited to see what the future has in store me . 
Stay Tuned

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