Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Random Thoughts : Being More Open

I have a bad habit of not saying what what I really feel.   
Sometimes my " Aw Ok " and my " Oh Ok" really means so much more  .
Being burned in the past scares me from opening up.
This time I'm really trying .
But I'm still trying figure him out .
Sometimes I don't  feel like he is being  open with me . The door opens up a little but then it closes 
But hey he's a guy right . ( is that an excuse ) 
I just know I really like him 
I would like to spend more time with him (  but that's a different story for a different day ) DON"T ASK !
But I'm going to take this slow.
That was my issue in the past rushing things and it crash and burn just as fast.
But there is something about this one ... What ?? I'll tell you guys  later but we'll see.
We'll See !!!


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