Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday Night At Home Alone

Just me in my room watching " What A Girl Wants"  on Netflix 
with a glass of wine on the night stand.
This has been on long week.
Trying to brainstorm some new ideas for my makeup page
Just when I was ready to give up on my dream God snapped me back on track
I was recently contacted by an amazing makeup brand to a review on a few of their products
Almost a week after getting the email, I'm still crying just thinking about it.
I'm so blessed and happy for this opportunity 
This has given me the push I've needed to create again
I've doubted myself on my abilities and the things I love
I owe this all to God
I can't wait to share this brand with you guys 
I don't know what exactly I'm getting from them 
but whatever it is I'm grateful for it.
Thank you sticking with me through the highs and lows
I have this new burst of energy 
I'm going all in with this blog.

Brittany Morgan 

Monday, May 27, 2019

1200 Calorie Lifestyle Change

Recently I've stared a  1200 calorie diet
 I haven’t been losing the weight I want to do I had to make another change. 
With my doctor’s approval, I’m going down to a 1200 calorie diet. 
I’m determined to stay on track even with all the temptation around me
 I’ve been  watching “ My 600 Lbs Life” and I can’t allow myself to continue to gain the weight I have.
 The thought of me not being able to take care of myself because of my weight scares me
 I pray God guides me through this and helps me stay on track
This is mental, I have to put myself first. Put my health first
 I need to do this for my future. Please pray for me as I go on this new journey
 I know God will be with me and will give me the strength needed
 In the past I wanted my brother to join with me and when he doesn’t I lose track. No, I’m not blaming him but I've allowed my surrounding discourage me from what I know I need to do
 I can’t wait to see my results
I will most definitely keep you posted.

Brittany Morgan

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Weight Loss Rewards

I wanted to create a reward system for my weight loss goals 
Every 5lbs I lose I want to reward myself
I'm currently at my peak weak weight and I refuse to go higher
I leave for Vegas July 21 my goal is to be down by 20 to 40 lbs ( not a crazy goal I've done it before)

5lbs- Makeup Brush
10lbs - Bedroom Decor
15lbs - Running Shoes
20 lbs- New Hair Color 
25 lbs- Book
30lbs - Beauty Product 
35lbs - Facial 
40lbs- 2 Outfits
How do you reward yourself?

Brittany Morgan 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Mistakes I've Made Dating: Part One

I'm definitely not a pro at dating
But is anyone?
I know I've made my fair share of mistakes when it comes to dating
My mistakes are lessons I've learned on my journey to meeting my Prince Charming
After all the lies and pain I've been through I know there is someone special out there for me
I've just kissed a few bad frogs on my journey to him
Will I meet him tomorrow,  one year from now or in five years
Who Knows?!
Here are a few mistakes I've made so far

 Ignoring The Red Flags and Excuse
I'm the queen of ignoring the red flags. Knowing something sounds like bullshit but hoping it was the truth. Letting stuff roll off my shoulders when I should have ended it when I heard it or saw something crazy. I always try to give someone the benefit of the doubt.  Consistent flaking on dates, periods of time of that person disappearing is some of the key things I would overlook. Making up excuses in my head to cover their actions.

 Not Multi-Dating
I have a horrible habit of talking to one guy and ignoring all the other guys because of one guy and not weighing my options
Now I'm not saying I'm sleeping with everybody ( but if I did my body, my choice)
I've never just gone on dates to get to know multiple people at once
Understanding compatibility, finding out what I like and don't like 
With Multi-Dating communication is key and letting the other men know they aren't the only one
I've never multi-dated out of the fear of what others thought
Men have done this for years but women get slut-shamed for going on multiple dates 
Like Taylor Swift, she has dated her fair share of men, as she should 
It doesn't mean she slept with them all (and if she did, her body, her choice)
I really need to stop living in fear of people's thought and do what makes me happy

Dating A Non-Believer
I'm not here to judge anyone for their religion or lack thereof
I just know that I want a man who believes in God's Love
I've tried dating the atheist or the agnostic but I felt judged 
I shouldn't feel belittled for my faith
Not once didn't I try to force God on them
But the faces I'd get or the comments I would get for just praying or thanking God in a moment 
is not something I want. I want someone who I can study the Bible with
I want God  in the center of our relationship
What are some mistakes you've made when dating?

Brittany Morgan 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Losing Weight Again!

I've been working out again for about a month now
More recently I've been going on walks with my friend
My body has been feeling so much better
Even though I'm sore after a workout 
It is totally worth it
I can already see a change in my body 
And there is definitely a change on the scale
My eating habits have changed a whole lot
Portion control is so important and I finally realized that
I don't feel hungry all the time nor do I like starving myself
I think my body was so ready for the lifestyle change
I see myself reaching my 40lbs down by July 10th more of a reality
After our recent walk I went to my local protein health place ( I'm sure there is a better name for it)

It was my first time getting their full service deal
-Aloe Shot
-Shake ( Fruity Pebbles was the flavor I picked) 

I'm excited to see where this new lifestyle change will take me
I will keep you posted 
Til next time 
Brittany Morgan 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

My Current Hulu Binge Worthy List

I love a good binge watching session 
Hulu has a lot of shows that I've been hooked on
Some of the shows have ended , some are still on now
1. The Resident 

2. Hangin' With Mr. Cooper

3. Law And Order SVU

4. The Mindy Project

5. Private Practice

6. Desperate Housewives

7. Nashville

8. Superstore

Which shows are you watching?

Britany Morgan

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

March Goals

This is only my second post of the year
My head space hasn't bee in the best place
It feels good to want to write again 

1. No Eating Out
I need to save more money and I get out way too much.
It's not like I don't have food at home 
I just get lazy and don't want to cook sometimes

2. Read 2 Books
My anxiety has been on high alert for the a fews weeks
My friends suggested a book to calm myself and escape for a bit

3. Be More Active
I have already reached my first weight loss goal of the year
Ive set another goal I'm happy with my weight loss journey 

4. Be More Active On My Instagram Accounts 
I have 3 instagram accounts that I barely use
I have some fun idea for 2 out of the 3 of my instagrams
I need to stop being scared and share the content I have

Brittany Morgan

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Happy New Year!
I took the first day of the year to relax and work on PIB
2019 is all about PIB 
I've invested more time and money into my blog already this year
Doing what  need to do to give your guys the best content I can this year
2019 is a year for me
Not a new me but to embrace the Brittany that has always been here
My weird, sassy, bubbly me
This year I need to focus on myself
Sometimes I give so much to others and at the end of the day I have nothing left for me
I'm not saying I'm turning into this cold-hearted person
At some point of your life you have to put yourself first
In 2019 I  need to make some major changes with my health
I love my body but I know I need to be healthier 
I need to lose weight 
This is a journey I need to take alone 
I'm excited to see where my health will be by the end of the year
Putting my health first is something I need to do for my future 
In 2019 I want to quit my job 
I want PIB as my  full-time job
It will take a lot of hard work and consistency to  achieve this but I find it reachable 
In 2019 I want to travel more 
I need to visit my grandparents they are number one on my list 
I want to go back to Vegas, I definitely need a re-do after the bullshit that happened on that trip
I'm finally getting my passport this year so I will getting a stamp by the end of the year
In 2019 I will no longer hold onto friendships/ relationships that bring nothing to my life and if i bring nothing to their life I have no purpose being there
I always felt like I couldn't be the one to cut ties with people 
So I would hold onto friendship or relationship that hurt me 
In 2019 I want a better friend  
I want to be a listener more than a talker
I want to be able to notice when to and not to bring my problems to friends
 I have to remember that they go through things also and sometime can't handle my problems on top of their
I've learned that about myself also 
Sometimes I  take on others problems when I need to get my head together first , so I can only imagine if I feel that way one of my friends have felt that way before
In 2019 I want to date again 
I will be 30 this year and I've only had one real relationship 
And I know there is no time table for falling in love 
But my heart is truly open to dating again
I'm finally in a good place and ready to let someone in again
I know what I want and I refuse to settle 
 ( I have a post in the works explain this)
In 2019 I want to grow closer to God
I want read the bible more 
And not just pray to him only when I need something 

I'm excited to see what 2019 has in store for me 
What are some of your resolutions?

Brittany Morgan