Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Planning My Birthday Weekend!

This year for my I wanted to relax, eat some good food,a spend time with friends
But I didn't want to do any of this at home.
My birthday twin ( my friend Angelique)and I decided to rent out two cabins and do just that.
Now I'm trying to plan a very glamorous but low key week
My focus now is the favor bags
I want to give each guest a little gift as a thank you for going out of their way and celebrating our birthdays with us
The theme for this weekend is Self Care
I want to use a lot rose gold, pink golds and burgundy
I've found so much inspiration on pinterest

It definitely won't be this big but I want to recreate this on a smaller scale but same impact 

I also have some fun snack ideas 
I want to make sure the guest have something to munch on 
I would love to turn all the treats rose gold but I can't so pink will have to do 

My birthday twin and I have so many ideas for this weekend
Soon we will be narrowing down our final decisions 
 Decor pieces have been coming in, I'm excited to see how this all will come together 

Brittany Morgan 

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