Tuesday, May 11, 2021

On My Own Timeline

 My next move will be a big move

I haven't decided when and where yet but I will soon

I finally am on a career path that will put me right back or near where I'm from

But is that where I want to move 

That's the only thing that is holding me back from making my decsions

Where do I want to be?

Yes, if i move back i will be closer to friends but I realized I can't base my next moves on others nor speed up my timeline on when I will take the leap

With one friend married and the other living with a signiciant other  I don't have any single girls who wants to do bald headed hoe shit. 

Though Chicago is looking more like the goal I want a fun area or be near a fun area to go out make new friends and still see my sisters when they're free

I feel like over past 10 years my decisons have been made out of fear, pain, sadness and others timelines

I won't do that again 

Stay Tuned

More to come soon


Brittany Morgan