Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday !!!! 
It has been forever since I did a Sunday Social !!!

This weeks questions : 
1. Favorite breakfast food:Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal 

2. Best way to spend a free day: I don't know what a free day is anymore. But if I had one I would enjoy a day of shopping and lunch with the girl . 

3. Airline ticket to anywhere in the world : FLORIDA  !!! So I can go to Disney World . If you know me , you know I'm obsessed with all things Disney but I've never been to Disney World or Disney Land 

4. You can only leave the house with one thing…what is it? Phone duh

5. How do you take your coffee? 
I'm trying to stay away from coffee so its only tea for me now !!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Sunday Social ..