Saturday, August 3, 2019

My Development Year

I'm in my development year.
This may sound crazy to most but I'm taking to focus solely on me, on my craft
I've been on dating apps for the past couple months and it has been an epic fail
I've attracted the same time of men.
Either the let's get in a relationship after hello men or lets fuck without the hello
After many encounters like this I think its my ora, my vibe that is attracting these type of men to me
I'm deleting all my apps ,they are no longer needed.
I really need to work on myself
I need to work on the woman I deserve to be
I hold myself back a lot out of fear of the unknown.
I've held myself back from my personal growth
I've come up with so many ideas
Sitting here at almost 30 I need focus on myself 
At times I focus all my energy on others and helping them and I leave myself with nothing 
 I need to take a leap and major changes in my life
My focus now is my health, happiness and peace

Thursday, August 1, 2019


I am NOT  a BBW 
 I would rather you call me fat before you call me a BBW
For those that don't know what a BBW is , it stands for Big Beautiful Women 
Some of you are you are probably wondering " Why wouldn't you want to be called that ??"
BBW is mostly used in the sex industry and most use it as a term for a sexual fetish
I not here for your fetish pleasures .
Some woman take that a term of endearment
I take it as an insult
I am a person
Yes I'm bigger
But I am not here for you to objectify and dehumanize
I don't want your negative attention
I don't want you to try to get with me because of the size of my body
I'm not your sex object
I totally understand some people have a " preferences "
But please keep that away from me .
I want you to fall in love with my mind
and not just talk to me because you want to bury your face in my ass