Monday, April 16, 2018

Workout Playlist

I do a lot at home workouts
I need  motivating and high tempo songs during my workout 
I recent curated a playlist that keeps my heart rate going and keeps me going 

1. I Like It -Cardi B
2. The Break Up -Machine Gun Kelly
3. What A Bam Bam - Amara La Negra
4. Once Upon A Time- Mariahlynn
5. Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato
6. All In My Head - Fifth Harmony
7. Bartier Cardi- Cardi B
8. Perm- Bruno Mars
9. Dance(ASS)- Big Sean
10. Piece Of Me - Britney Spears
11. Finesse(Remix)- Bruno Mars/ Cardi B
12. New Rules - Dua Lipa
13. Faded - Kanye West
14.Humble Kendrick Lamar
15. Havana - Camila Cabello

Whats on your workout playlist ?

Brittany Morgan 

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Single Life

I've been "single" for a year now
I put it in quotations because I've dipped back a few cold nights
We want two different things right now so it was time to cut all ties

I went on a date a couple weeks ago and it was very lack luster
The conversation wasn't there. I did most of the talking
But decided to part ways and wished the best for each other

No Tinderfella for me
I contemplate deleting my tinder on a daily
But honestly it fills my time sometimes swiping left and right
But its time for it to go
Dating scares me sometimes
It think my biggest fear is wasting my time
Investing my time into someone who doesn't want me
Or only wants one thing from me

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun
But I want someone who wants my mind and soul and just not my body
And that is so hard to find these days
Everyone just wants to hook up and act like they are in a relationship but not really
Confusing right ?
I tried the whole friends with benefit things and its not for me
Is it sad I want something meaningful , something real?

Maybe its not my season to date
Its not time
Its not my time to date
Its my time to focus on me
My career
My life
Just Being Brittany

It took me while to figure that out

Brittany Morgan

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Almost 30 And Not Married

If you asked 18 year old Brittany
I would have been married by now working on my second baby 
When I think about those plans I had for myself I laugh
Though those things sound wonderful I haven't come across anyone in my life 
I want to take that journey with 
I thought I met the one 
The one I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with
But I finally took off the rose colored glasses and saw the truth
I was putting him in a position he didn't want to be in 
Sometimes I felt like he tried to be the man I wanted him to be
because he cared but he wasn't ready for it
And to be honest I wasn't either
I'm not the woman I want to be 
Not in my career 
Not living the life I want 
I'm still on the journey of finding myself
I'm excited to see where life takes me 

Brittany Morgan

Monday, April 9, 2018

75 Pounds To Go

I have a great opportunity coming my way but I want to lose weight before it happens

I'm currently sitting at 375 lbs
By October 24th I want to be at 300 lbs or lower
I know I can reach that goal
I've never been so determine in my life to lose this weight
I have cut so many things from my diet already

This is the start of a new journey in my life
Fresh Start
I will do monthly updates
I'm excited to see where this journey will lead me

Brittany Morgan

Friday, April 6, 2018

April Goals/ 30 Before 30 Update

I have 568 days until my 30th birthday and I've already crossed some things off my list

#3. See Demi Lovato 
I saw Demi Lovato in concert. It was such a great night. 

#7 Girls Trip to Las Vegas
I will be traveling to Vegas in October during my birthday weekend with my brother and my girls
I'm excited to have fun but I have some potential business opportunities happening that weekend ( I will give more details later)

#11 Get My Nose Pierced
After 10 years of wanting to getting to my nose pierced I finally did it

April Goals

I have post written in my notes in my phone, post in note books i carry around but
 now I need to get them in my computer and have them ready for you all
I need to set aside time on one of my off days and just upload post

I have a trip in October and I'm trying to surprise my grandparents this summer. I need to save money for these two trips.

I purged my closet not too long ago but I don't think I did enough. Its time for another round of purging

Yes I know that's a low number but it so hard sometimes to pick up a book and just read. Lately all I do is work , sleep and binge watch tv shows.

What are your goals this month?

Brittany Morgan