Friday, April 13, 2018

The Single Life

I've been "single" for a year now
I put it in quotations because I've dipped back a few cold nights
We want two different things right now so it was time to cut all ties

I went on a date a couple weeks ago and it was very lack luster
The conversation wasn't there. I did most of the talking
But decided to part ways and wished the best for each other

No Tinderfella for me
I contemplate deleting my tinder on a daily
But honestly it fills my time sometimes swiping left and right
But its time for it to go
Dating scares me sometimes
It think my biggest fear is wasting my time
Investing my time into someone who doesn't want me
Or only wants one thing from me

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun
But I want someone who wants my mind and soul and just not my body
And that is so hard to find these days
Everyone just wants to hook up and act like they are in a relationship but not really
Confusing right ?
I tried the whole friends with benefit things and its not for me
Is it sad I want something meaningful , something real?

Maybe its not my season to date
Its not time
Its not my time to date
Its my time to focus on me
My career
My life
Just Being Brittany

It took me while to figure that out

Brittany Morgan

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