April Goals

Happy April !

I'm excited for this month . Im excited for green grass and blooming flowers 
I have so many things planned for now til the end of the summer and beyond. 

1. 1200 Calories A Day 
I have a dress to wear next month to a friends wedding . It fits a little tight and I know losing weight will make me feel comfortable in my dress . 
2. Dance 
I miss dancing I use to take dance classes growing up and took some on my college campus also . Its a really good way to relieve stress and lose weight 
3. Stay Organized 
I see some major decluttering coming my way I've been in a throwing away mood. Getting rid of stuff I don't need or use anymore
4. No Spend 
Besides groceries , bills and needed items no extra spending for me . Which is gonna hurt because I know there will be a planner sticker sale soon 
5. Plant Flowers and Herbs
6. Learn Spanish
I would love to hold a whole conversation in Spanish with someone 

Brittany Morgan 


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