Monday, February 1, 2021

The Love Of A Friend


I met Ashley freshman year of high school

When we first met we didn't like each other ( stupid teenage minds)

Over time we gravitate more to each other

We had our little friend group but Ashley was my person 

She was the one I could truly be myself with

And after high school we were the only two standing from our friend group

I am so thankful for Ashley

Lord knows I have a hard time showing my emotions but Ashley always knew when something was wrong

Our friendship hasn't alway been rainbow and sunshine but we worked through the storms because we love each other

I can't believe it has been 16 years of friendship

I never let anyone in that much to even think that I would have a friendship that would last this long. 

We helped each other through some dark and painful time 

We've also been there to celebrate many milestones

Ashley is getting married in a couple of months

She has met this amazing man, I am so happy for the both of them 

Watching my best friend fall in love is truly a beautiful thing

I got watch her grow into this amazing woman and soon an amazing wife and mother 

I thank God for her every day 

I'm excited to see where God takes our friendships and the many more milestones we have to walk through


Brittany Morgan

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So good!! I love your friendship! Ashley has been there for my entire life lolol