Healing the Inner Child: Embracing Self-Love

Our inner child carries the experiences, emotions, and vulnerabilities from our past, shaping our perceptions and influencing our present lives.

Throughout my formative years, I endured the pain of being bullied by peers that looked like me. Their hurtful words and actions targeted me because of my appearance, my interests, and my individuality. I was always either too big or too dark (to them). These experiences left me scarred emotionally, doubting my self-worth and questioning whether love from a black man was even possible. As a fat, dark-skinned black woman, I grew up facing societal pressures that dictated what beauty should look like. These expectations often left me feeling inadequate and hindered the development of my inner child.

In a society deeply affected by colorism, dark-skinned black women often face unique challenges and biases that can impact their self-esteem and emotional well-being. Growing up, I carried the weight of societal expectations and negative perceptions about my dark skin and weight, causing wounds to my inner child. The constant struggle for acceptance and affirmation took a toll on my confidence and hindered my ability to embrace love fully.

Over time, I realized that the actions of those who hurt me were not a reflection of my own value as a person. I embarked on a healing journey that involved therapy and self-reflection. It was through this process that I learned to embrace my true self, disregarding the negative opinions that had been imposed on me.

As I opened my heart to healing, I met a remarkable black man who shattered my preconceived notions about black men. His kindness, understanding, and unwavering support transformed my perspective. He saw beyond the scars I carried, appreciating me for who I truly was. In his love, I discovered the power to reclaim my self-worth and believe in the possibility of being loved unconditionally.

When I met my husband, I was met with a love that transcended expectations. He saw beyond the scars of my past and embraced all aspects of who I am, including my wounded inner child. His unwavering acceptance and patience provided a safe space for my inner child to emerge, be acknowledged, and begin the journey of healing.

The love I received from this black man became a catalyst for my empowerment and personal growth. It taught me the importance of forgiveness, both towards those who had hurt me in the past and towards myself. I began to embrace my own worthiness of love, regardless of the color of my skin or the scars I carried.

Finding a partner who loves, accepts, and nurtures my inner child is a transformative experience, particularly as a fat, dark-skinned black woman. My husband's love has played an integral role in my journey of self-acceptance, liberation, and empowerment. Through his unwavering support, he has helped me challenge societal beauty standards, celebrate my authentic self, and embrace love and liberation.


Brittany Morgan


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