How To Navigate Questions After Getting Engaged


Getting engaged is an exciting time, but it can also come with a lot of questions and attention from family and friends. Here are some tips for handling the many questions: 

1. Talk with your partner: First and foremost, communicate with your partner about how you want to handle questions and attention from others. Determine what you want to share with friends and family and what you would like to keep private. 

2. Have a plan: Think about potential questions you may receive and how you want to answer them. Having a plan in place can help you feel more prepared and confident when answering questions. 

3. Be selective with who you share with: You are not obligated to tell everyone about your engagement. It's okay to be selective with who you share the news with and when. 

4. Set boundaries: You may receive unwanted or intrusive questions or comments from others. It's important to set boundaries and let them know if their questions or comments are making you uncomfortable.

 5. Enjoy the moment: Don't let the many questions and attention take away from the joy of being engaged. Take time to celebrate with your partner and enjoy this special time in your relationship


Brittany Morgan


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