Fitting into Society ??

OK well this is my first time posting something on here so here I go lol. OK two days ago i was listening to a song and they said something in the song that my mom did not agree with. I'll agree what was said in the song  was a little "vulgar" but then she went on this whole rant about how this is why I want to dye my hair different colors. Anyone who knows me knows that I a not easily persuaded . So when she said that I was being persuaded it kinda made me mad . Doesn't she know her daughter ? Doesn't she know that I am more strong willed than that ? She then goes on to say that she wants me to fit into society ...... wait FIT INTO SOCIETY ? What  does that even mean ? Should I do what "normal " teenagers do and lie and cheat and steal ? I am a good kid I do none of the above and I bring home good grades. I think I fit into society well. It really made me sad for some reason because she didn't tell me to be who i want to be or do my own thing like most parents say but do the opposite. Be a plain Jane like the rest of them. My point ? What is society ? Make your OWN society.


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