Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Out Of The Woods

There's nothing like a day with nature . Trees , a lake , birds and etc . The best part is having a great friend along for the journey . My friend Jamie invited me to go on a photo hunt in a local reservoir . I love spending time with Jamie , lots of laughs , photos and great conversations  
It was just what I needed to clear my head . I've been been feeling down since T ( I've mentions him in other post ) has been extremely distant lately . But back to the woods . 
We got some amazing pictures of the trees and the various plants 
It was peaceful out there you couldn't be anything but happy . The cutest thing was seeing the cute elderly men out there together fishing at the lake ( who knew you needed a  license to fish ) 

We walked around the lake to look at all of God's creations . I ignored my fears and even walked through tall grass ( I was scared of field mice and snakes ) 

We found a wood trail , that's when the real adventure started . It was magical until a couple turns and we ended up getting lost . We had to rush to find a exit because the place closed at sunset . And the sun was starting to set . For a moment we both got a little scared . But we made it out and enjoyed more time by the lake by the fishermen . We had so much fun minis getting lost . Can't wait to go back . 
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* Nothing to do with my blog post but check out Taylor Swift's new song " Out Of The Woods " 
Taylor has done it again with a another great hit


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