Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy 25th Birthday To Me

* late post but this was written on my birthday.  

Today is a blessing . I'm 25 ! Wow 25 !!! This is the first birthday without both of my parents . I know they both are looking down on me . I have so much I want to accomplish during year 25 . So many things I need to prove to myself . Year 23 and 24 was an emotional roller coaster. I lost track of my goals and so many other things . I've been disappointed in myself but I know year 25 will be better . I'm keeping my eyes on the prize and staying prayed up . I'm excited to get so much done I pray for peace and love . That's all I want.  Peace and Love ! 
Peace from  heartache and pain . And love for what I do and from whom I am around . I've allowed so much negativity in my life . I got so weak holding onto things and people that I should've let go of forever ago but no more I can't do it . I choose to be happy . I choose to make a difference . I choose to be me . 


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