Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Power Of Prayer

This has been one stressful week . I've been going through a lot of emotional things . And I've been letting everything get to me . I've been crying and extremely depressed. And yesterday everything changed , I had to go to church for the Christmas program rehearsal. Sitting there listening to the choir sing got to me . I intstantly started praying . As I sat there and talked to God I felt the worry on my heart start to go away . I have an amazing God he has seen me through so many difficult times . I know he will see me through this . This is just a storm . God is holding my hand through it all . I'm so blessed . Thank You God for all you've done for me . 

I'm starting my morning with my daily devotional and a personal bible study until I watch service online today . 
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Brittany Morgan 

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