Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Night At The Hospital

Disclaimer : this may get really tmi !

Hey ladies and gents! 
For the past couple of days I've been miserable . Throwing up , couldn't eat , I couldn't even keep water down . Yesterday was my breaking point . I laid in bed all day couldn't move because if I did something was coming out . Over the past couple days I've thrown up over 20 times . My bestie took me to the hospital last night because she knew I was dehydrated and we had to figure out what the heck was going on . The waiting room bathroom was my best friend . I kept running back . I didn't want everyone seeing me puke and cry . I can't help it when I puke I cry like a baby at the same time . It's painful . I finally made it back to sit but something didn't feel right . My stomach cramps was coming back . I was getting dizzy , so i ran to the nurses station and then came the panic attack . I couldn't help it , I've never felt so bad in my life. They rushed me back into the critical room and got me in a gown . The nurse was able to calm me down and i shortly after dozed off . The doctor woke me up and gave me my diagnosis . I have gastritis ( inflammation in the stomach ) . How in the world did I get that ? She said mine was probably cause by some type of bacteria or virus . I had to put on fluids because I was dehydrated and given other medications for the nausea and stomach pain/ inflammation . Before I did that she wanted me to get a X-ray just make sure nothing else was wrong . Who knew  you had to take your pants off for a X-ray . And my crazy self wore a thong . Getting sexy at the hospital ?? I finally got hooked up to the IV and I had to call my buddy M . Talking to him calmed me . Because I hate needles and just being at the hospital scared me . Finally after 20 minutes of the IV I finally got to drink something APPLE JUICE!!! It was so amazing . And then the nurse gave me water with hospital ice ( now everyone know the hospital has the the best ice lol ) it felt so good to drink something and for it to stay down . After a while they discharged me . Now I'm comfy in my bed still feeling drained from all the throwing up but I'll be ok . My best friend is so amazing for getting me to the hospital without her I'll probably still be sittings here throwing  up or possibly worse . 
Hopefully I feel up to eating thanksgiving dinner tomorrow . 

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