Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Weekend

FRIDAY Laid in bed and watched movies 
SATURDAY My weekend was filled with lots of errands and house work. I also helped my brother wash his clothes and pack up for school ( he going back to school and leaving me :( Im going to miss my little brother) . My brother and I was going crazy staying in the house so we took our little cousin's to the park 

They had so much fun and so did I . It took me back to my childhood . I let loose and ran around ( and got a little dirty ) Spending time with my cousins always put a smile on my face. I love them so much. 
Later that evening I went dinner with my mom , brother and family friends . We went to a Japanese and Chinese food buffet ( HEAVEN !! ) Of course I got some sushi and orange chicken ( not the best combo but it was so good , I will b going back the food was really fresh) But i did make a salad it was really good everything there was so fresh ( some buffet food looks like its just been sitting there but u can taste the freshness in everything you eat there ) 

Later that night  I went to my older cousin's house for a little get together . It was good to relax and have good conversations . 

SUNDAY Sunday was sad day for me . I said my last goodbyes ( see you later ) to someone really dear to my heart . Last Sunday I got the news that Ms Renee ( an amazing , loving , caring ,( i can keep going ) ) had passed away . I couldn't believe it and Sunday made it real. ( I cry just thinking about her ). She was one of the first people I met when I got to CLC ( my church) and she just welcomed me with open arms . She reminded me so much of my grandmother and we had a instant bond . She had her own grandchildren but she made me feel like I was apart of family .I felt so loved . Im going to miss seeing her smile and no matter what I was going through just seeing her smile made my day. I MISS YOU MS RENEE YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART AND I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN 


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