Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Prince Caught With His Pants Down

So Prince Harry was caught with pants down. Who Care?? Well I do lol . But people are making a big deal about it .

TMZ  posted pictures pictures of the Prince yesterday .

0821-prince-harry-nude-naked-article-tmz-bottom-8                      0821-prince-harry-nude-naked-article-tmz-top-4

The Prince was naked playing pool in his hotel room . What’s the big deal? The issue is who was in the room taking pictures of the Prince with out him knowing . He was in the privacy of his room with friends and to violated like that was wrong.

I know he is royal and he is held at higher standard than most people but he human .  He is in Las Vegas enjoying his self . Hopefully they find  out who who took the picture and handle that . Because whoever it was no longer needs to around .

But to Prince Harry , Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for you having fun , but careful on who you allow in your inner circle . And hopefully your grandmother doesn’t give you a harsh lecture. Enjoy life.

Always and Forever an fan ,

Brittany Morgan

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