Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Spring has come and I've been all about DIY household products.
 I wanted to try something new and why not save money in the process.
 So I've looking for ways to make alternative products.
Lately I've been trying a DIY detergent for my clothes 

Something that leaves my clothes smelling fresh but not an over powering fragrance . 
All you need to make it is : mason jar ( or any container with a lid )
Zote ( a bar laundry soap that can be found in the laundry detergent aisle for under a $1 )
Baking soda and a  cheese grater

I like to grate the zote 

Mixing zote and baking soda is easy . 

I like to do it in layers then shake it all together ( once the lid is on )

For a full load all your need a 2 tablespoons. 
For work clothes, children play clothes I would add a little more , but a little goes a long way .

I'm so in love with this detergent 

Do you have a DIY household product you love ?

Send me some DIYs you love 

Brittany Morgan 

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