Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Mommy , I know you are going through menopause . But I have a cold and you turning the air on isnt helping me. Walking around the house with hoodies  and fluffy socks just to say some what warm . Can I just get you a ice pack ,before i freeze to death.

Dear Sephora , I love you. I love my job there!!! . I cant wait to grow in the company. !!!

Dear Cold , You have been here one day too long. I would really like to feel better and have all the energy I always had . So go away and please dont come back.

Dear Fall , I love you. The leaves are changing color and fall from the trees .  

Dear Shonda Rhimes , I was really mad at you  at the end of last season when lexie was killed off . And then when this season started MARK died . My MCSTEAMY. ugh !!! So heart breaking . But I did read your blog and and I guess I understand . Mark Sloan will be truly missed . No one can take his spot on the show or in me heart .. ( P.s I still will be watching the show , even though I went on my huge rant last week on twitter )

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