Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are You An Influenster ?

So you are probably wondering what Influenster is  ?

Website description :  Exclusive Community of Trendsetters using their Influence to Qualify for Complimentary Product Shipments, Rewards and Deals fit for their Lifestyles

The have  recently updated the website .

I love it . 

Going through all the new badges that we can earn .
 There are many badges on many different aspect of your life
If you love gadget theres a badge for you.. 

Getting Married or having a baby there is a badge for you.
You earn a badge by honest answering some simple  questions about the things you love. 

After answering the  questions and earning your badges 
you have a chance to get a VOXBOX

A VOXBOX is a box with many different  products for you try out and review

Aw yea and its FREE .! 

You can't beat that 

So sign up give it a try and enjoy the makeover 

Till next time !

Brittany Morgan 

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