Monday, October 1, 2012

I Am Not My Hair

In High School I was all about my hair .
I wouldn't leave the house without my begining straighten .
And when it time for a touch up I wasn't going anywhere
without a fresh relaxer . 
I've always had short hair and allowed other people
opinions to get to me so i  started gluing in  my weave .

Over the past 6 years you didn't see me without weave . 
I allowed over people to make me feel bad about myself .
Last October i finally had my epiphany  .
I took out my weaver and embraced my natural hair  

Im so in love with my natural hair . 
In a way I feel really free 
People still have their opinions ( mostly family memebers) 
But I'm  finally at a place where I DONT CARE 
I grew up in family thinking hair was everything 
I get funny looks at when i go to family events 
I feel sorry for them 

I'm not saying everyone should go natural but dont let someone else 
negative comments influence you.
Embrace yourself . Love yourself 

Brittany Morgan 

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