Winter Wish List ~ Part 1

Winter wish list #1
List going clockwise 
I was sitting in my room  writing a list of things i want and need . I have a lot of  things I want to get this winter season 

Mac Marilyn Monroe Collection -  I would love the get at least one thing from the Marilyn Monroe Collection . I really would love to get " Charmed I'm sure " ( a lipstick in the collection 

Rebecca Minkoff -  I've always had my eye on a Mini Mac . I would love to add a pink bag to my collection . I'm so to get this. THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ME 

Canon Powershot -  I really want to have better quality videos for my youtube channel ( ) . I also  would love to do more vlogs . This is camera is on top of my list . 

Torrid Black Azazel Suede Boots - I really need some more boots for the winter . The boots look very stylish and  will keep me warm. I'm already planning outfits in my head

MacBook Pro -  My dell computer is just falling apart on me . Its really time for me to get a new computer .

 Part 2 Coming Soon !!!!

xoxo , 
Brittany Morgan 


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