Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Own Your Body !

I was on the phone with a friend of mine a couple of months ago when she randomly said " Omg this girl is out here with barely any clothes on she better go put on some clothes she's just asking to get raped "
Hearing her say that set me off .
Why should a women be required to cover he body " in shame " so a man want touch he inappropriately? Why should a women be reprehend for wearing what she wants and be called a slut , a whore or people saying " she's asking for it. And it hurts me the most to hear other women saying these things
I should be able to walk out my house in whatever I please and not have to deal with the extra comments from the " peanut gallery " .
One day I was wearing a top that showed a little more cleavage than I usually show and a woman made a comment to me that I'm asking for guys to look down my shirt and that I was being " fast " 

School dress code :
School dress codes have always bothered me .
It's not that there are guidelines its the fact that girl are mostly targeted
Girls aren't allowed to show their shoulder because of " the way boys would react to them "
They start us at a young age. 
Telling a child that their bodies is this sexual thing so we have to cover it all up so it wont tempt the boys . 

Amber Rose Slut Walk :

 So many people are so offended by the name of her walk but I love it . 
She named it that to take back the name/label "SLUT "
As women we have to take back the ownership of our bodies . We allow people to label us and that isn't . A man can go out and sleep around and he is praised but if a woman does it  she is SLUT , WHORE , THOT and etc . Which makes no sense to me . There is this huge double standard when it comes to sex . 

Own your body !

Brittany Morgan 

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