Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shany Cosmetics 7 Layer All - In- One Makeup Set Review

I have found the holy grail for all up and coming makeup artist. 
Starting off can be very expensive .
This kit really cuts down the price a lot 
I know every makeup artist dreams of have all Mac palettes and if you 
can afford, I say go for it . 
But for all my girlies that need a little help take a look at thee Shany All In One Beauty box.

It comes with lip palettes . All the color blend well and are great for mixing . 

The Concealer Palette is my favorite . It has a great variety  of shades for all potential clients .
And with contouring being our #1 thing . This totally helps 

Words cant describe how amazing the eye shadows are ! 
The pigmentation ,the variety  of colors and they all blend so well.
Not chalky! The perfect eye shadows 

I've recently fell in love with blushes 
All 6 go well with all skin tones 

There is a test I do on palettes like these to check if they are worthy 
I call it the primary color test
I take a one finger swatch of the Red , Yellow and Blue 

After doing this test I was sold 

If you don't believe buy it and test it out yourself .

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