Life Update !

Hello dolls , my break is officially over . I took the summer to myself to regroup and find some type of inner peace. I have a corner in bedroom full if things I need to review for you guys . Thank you to all the companies I've been working with for understanding that I needed this time off .

Well I guess I'll catch you up on what's been going on .
1 . Living situation
My brother and I decided to stay in this little town for a little while longer to save money . This is a fresh start for us . I've made really great friends out here and this town is really growing on me .
2. Dating
Last time we really talked I was in a long distance relationship and blah blah blah . Yeah that relationship crashed and burned but I'm okay with that . I got a new found strength. I'm dating again and I'm really liking someone but maybe in a couple months you'll get some more details ( fingers crossed)
3. YouTube
I've started a new channel. I'm not gonna a put a specific label on it . It's my everything channel ( vlogs , diy and etc  )  I am not deleting my old channel . There is some footage of my mother on there that i never want to lose .
But I'm excited to start from the ground up and make some amazing fun videos .
4. Birthday trip to Vegas
That trip has crashed and burned.!
I had it all set to but the friend I was suppose to go with never really returned my text when it came to the trip so I just scraped it . Then I planned a trip to Nashville with my friends from the town I live in now but that planned died also when my boss didn't give the other two girls the days off needed for the trip . So now I have plans that should had in the beginning . I'm staying in town and my sister from home whom I share a birthday with is coming into town with two of her friends and were going to party like its 1999 . ( Does anyone get that reference or am I just old lol )
But like my generation says " We're gonna turn up "
I have my Halloween costume picked out its just time to start making things and ordering everything I need for it .
Jell-O shots and Nutella brownies will be made before they  arrive .
5. Halloween
This is gonna be the first time in truly going all out for Halloween. I'm going to be Ursula . Yes the amazing sea witch . I'm so excited to put my my own personal touches to the character and show the world what I can do .I'm going to blow Instagram up lol !
I'm going to be making a very chic tulle skirt I'm so excited. ( how many times have I said excited in this post )
 6. She doesn't even go here
That little fun series I did while I was roaming  around campus when my brother attended the school has got a name change to " Just A Small Town Girl " ( yes I know those are lyrics from a journey song )
Working in one of the local stores and meeting some of the people in this town , I've found out this town has a lot of characters . I'm excited to tell you about them . 

That's all For the update . All I did was work all summer and try to sleep

Brittany Morgan 


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