Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Year Ago .........

A year ago today my life changed. I was evicted from my first apartment. I hadn't been able too find a job and my rent wasn't getting paid .
 Days before having to leave I've never been  so depressed , panicked and scared . I had no idea what to do and where to go . 
It was coming down to the wire and I had to figure something out . 
I thought maybe I could live in my car . 
Pack up all the important things in my life and live in my car til I could find a shelter or something. But by the grace of God my church was able to help pay a storage unit and get me a Amtrak ticket to where my brother lived.
I ended up moving in with my brother his roommate . 
I immediately applied for jobs in town but no luck . I didn't want to be a burden and not bring anything into the house so I applied for government assistance. 
They was able to give me $200 toward groceries each month and I was extremely grateful.
 As time went on I continued to apply for jobs but nothing was happening. I kept praying cause I knew God was going to send me with something . My brother and his roommate and him had already decided they was going to get their own apartments the following year. 
My brother was the only one with a job and we was worried . 
He could afford to get a one bedroom apartment for us but that's all . ( no extra) . 
He signed the lease for our new place and I kept hunting for a job. Two weeks before we moved into our new apartment I got a job . I felt so much relief . I was finally able to help out with the bills and finally feel stable . I've been working hard since I got here even got a promotion after 4 months being here . 
 I thank God everyday for that blessing. 
My life has changed so much this past year . I have a stronger relationship with the lord and I am stable.
I'm no longer on government assistance . In June my brother and I are moving into a bigger place so we can have our own space. I cry tears of joy just thinking about where my life was and where is it now and where it is going . 
I finally feel like I'm back on track and I can get back to a lot of things I had to put on pause like my blog and youtube channel. 
I just want my readers to know no matter what you are going through it will get better. Stay strong and believe that God will see you through your circumstance . 
May God Bless You All ,
Brittany Morgan 

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